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Chapter 250: Moonlight Necklace (3)

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Most warlocks had an unpredictable personality.

“Damn it!” Yun Qi bellowed as he stood up.

His face was filled with fury as he looked outside the door.

“I knew that he would not give up so easily! He must have wanted to know your identity so that he can plan ahead.

To think that the old fox Ouyang Huanyu would get ideas about my student!” No one knew the dean better than he did.

That was why Yun Qi did not believe his words right from the start.

The seemingly pure and holy Saint Laurent Academys dean seemed to have an extreme interest in warlocks.

However, he was not willing to expose Shen Yanxiaos identity.

Once Ouyang Huanyu knew who she was, then more troubles would follow.

“You must be cautious the next time you meet him.” Yun Qi had no choice but to warn his only student that Ouyang Huanyu was a dangerous character.

Even he did not have ample confidence to deal with him.

“I will be extra cautious.

However, with the deans strength, it would be difficult to sneak past him to get to the Warlock Division.” Shen Yanxiao was upset about that.

Even though she was great in thievery, she was in a different world.

The people there could detect her presence easily with magic.

She would not have worried if her opponents were mere students.

However, Ouyang Huanyu was a Great Archmagus.

Even if she was invisible, he could still pinpoint her exact location with his magic.

“I am here, so theres no need to be afraid.

I have methods that you can use to come and go as you please.” Yun Qi narrowed his eyes and internally cursed Ouyang Huanyu a thousand times over.

Then he activated his space ring and took a silvery-white crystal necklace from within it.

“This is a necklace that I crafted with a Moonlight Crystal.

No matter how capable Ouyang Huanyu is, his magic would never sense your presence as long as you are not in his line of sight.” Yun Qi handed the Moonlight Necklace to Shen Yanxiao.

When she took the necklace, Shen Yanxiao felt the warmth that radiated from it.

“This is a magnificent item.” Xiu seemed to know more about that necklace.

“The Moonlight Crystal is a rare crystal from the Lunar Continent where the elves live.

There are many mysterious powers in their world and the moonlight power contained in that crystal could form a natural barrier around the wielder.

A sage archmagus could not sense your presence, let alone a great archmagus like Ouyang Huanyu.

It seems like Yun Qi cares deeply for you.

Ive only ever seen a few Moonlight Crystals in my lifetime, and there are probably only two to three items crafted with Moonlight Crystals in the entire Brilliance Continent.”

“Didnt those brats say that the warlocks who escaped the banishment were no simple characters I believe the moonlight necklace was the reason that Yun Qi could stay hidden from the hunt.”

Xiu took notice of only a few items in that world, and the Moonlight Necklace was one of them.

Shen Yanxiao was touched by Yun Qis generosity when she held the necklace in her hand.

Shen Yanxiao could already guess how precious the necklace was by Xius description.

If Yun Qi only managed to escape back then by relying on that necklace, it meant that he had handed the sole item that protected him for all those years to her.

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