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Yun Qis eyes shone.

He looked at Shen Yanxiao in excitement and said, “How many curses in that book have you learned”

Shen Yanxiao answered him honestly, “Four.”

“Singular curses”



Combination curses.”

Yun Qi gasped and then leaned against the chair.

No one was clearer than him about the combination curses that were recorded in that book.

Compared to the ordinary combination curses, those that he recorded in the book were the best curses of the same grade.

They were also among the hardest to master.

How long had it been since the kid took that book Did she learn four combination curses in less than two months He remembered how she browsed books meant for novices, so she was probably a beginner who had stumbled on the path of a warlock.

She had managed to learn four combination curses in only one month, and one of them was the Illusion Construct!

How could Yun Qi remain calm Outsiders might not know what that meant, but how could he not know

It was considered a reasonable effort if an average warlock could learn two singular curses in a month.

As for the combination curses, except for the simple second-grade curses, one would find it impossible to master even one within a month.

However, Shen Yanxiao did not only managed to do that, but she had also far exceeded his imagination.

One would not be able to find another similarly talented person in the entire Brilliance Continent!

“Other than the Illusion Construct, which three curses have you learned” Yun Qi was exceptionally excited.

He had bumped into a genius that the world had probably not seen in a million years!

“Enervation, Weakening, and Slow-witted.” Shen Yanxiao was confused by the excitement in Yun Qis eyes.

“Enervation!” Yun Qi stood up suddenly and toppled his chair.

He no longer looked at Shen Yanxiao with excitement.

He looked at her as if he saw something as rare as a living dinosaur.

“Err… whats wrong” Shen Yanxiao blinked.

She did not use Enervation much, so could there be a problem with that combination curse

“Fantastic!” Yun Qi walked toward Shen Yanxiao in giant strides from behind the table as his aged eyes sparkled with many expressions.

“Thats a fifth-grade combination curse, and you managed to learn it in less than two months This must be a blessing from the heavens!”

He already thought that Shen Yanxiao was fantastic for mastering a fourth-grade curse, the Illusion Construct.

Who knew that she would have another surprise up her sleeve

A fifth-grade combination curse! Fifth-grade!!

An intermediate warlock with years of training would need at least half a year to cast Enervation successfully, but that novice had managed to do that in just half a year.

That little kid was not only a genius, but his existence must have also defied the heavens!

Such god-amazing talent had never appeared in the Brilliance Continent.

“Haha! Who cares about all those bull** elites and magi of the Longxuan Empire In just half a year, I can definitely nurture a super warlock that will shock the entire Brilliance Continent!” Yun Qi surged with excitement.

The warlocks had been neglected for so many years that he never expected to meet such a talented student!

“Its worth it! My years of waiting is definitely worth it!” At that moment, Yun Qis face was covered with tears.

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