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In the end, only Shen Siyu and Shen Yanxiao were left in the room.

“Dont be afraid.” Shen Siyu patted her shoulders and then looked at the pile of presents that were burnt to ashes.

He then said, “Ill have someone send these over again tomorrow.

Xiaoxiao, dont worry.”

Who would worry about those toys Shen Yanxiao inwardly rolled her eyes.

Other than the slight regrets about the pastries, she did not care for those beautiful, yet useless toys that were meant forchildren before schooling age at all.

After Shen Jiayis unfortunate incident in Shen Yanxiaos room, the two unruly twins no longer harassed her in the subsequent days.

Shen Siyu rarely had the time to accompany Shen Yanxiao because Shen Feng had other orders for him.

As a result, Xiu forced her to continue with the spartan training again.

The training for magic and battle aura had a speedy progression at the beginning.

However, the speed slowed down when they approached the sixth rank.

They trained for four consecutive days, but Shen Yanxiaos battle aura and magic only managed to reach the fourth and fifth rank respectively.

That kind of speed was unimaginable for the ordinary folks, but it was extraordinarily slow for Shen Yanxiao who managed to advance one rank each day during her previous training.

“Damn it, why am I not improving” Shen Yanxiao ended her training for the day when night fell.

However, it seemed that her training had reached a bottleneck.

There was slight progress in her battle aura training, but it was still quite a distance to advance to the fifth rank.

Her magic training, however, had come to a complete stop.

Shen Yanxiao was used to her previous rocket-like speed in the progression of her training, and so she was not accustomed to the slow training speed that she seemed to have been stuck in.

“The unlocking of your first seal will only allow you to obtain the physique to train in battle aura and magic.

As long as you still have the second seal, your subsequent advancement will be much slower, and when you reach a certain rank, itll come to a standstill.” Xius voice timely said.

“What exactly is this seal” Shen Yanxiao felt depressed.

What about her plans to repay the grudge a hundredfold and to climb up the Family Head position of the Vermilion Bird Family If what Xiu said were true, then she probably would not be able to progress further after a certain rank.

It was quite enjoyable when they undid the first seal, but the follow-up issues that they encountered was quite problematic.

“Havent I already explained that it was to suppress your strength Undoing the first seal is only a start, and if you wish to become powerful, you have to undo the subsequent seals.

When thats done, not only can you continue to advance, but your previously suppressed strength will also burst forth.” As always, Xius voice was calm and without any fluctuations, and it also had some traces of aloofness in it.

“Then how can I unlock the second seal” Shen Yanxiao asked.

Xiu turned silent for a brief moment before he said only two words.

“Demon beast.”

Demon beasts were evil creatures that hid in the shadows of the entire Brilliance Continent.

They were neither humans, magical beasts nor normal animals, and they were an extremely evil existence that fed on livestock and humans.

The more powerful they were, the stronger the strength they possessed.

Ordinary demon beasts were savages while the higher-level beasts could morph into human appearances and conceal themselves in areas where humans lived while they sought for their next target.

A humans internal organs were the demon beasts favorite food.

It was similar to the temptation of gourmet food to a human.

In the Brilliance Continent, many humans were either killed or eaten by those demon beasts, and there was even a period where their numbers had seriously endangered the survival of humans there.

That situation forced several empires within the continent to join hands for their armies to launch an offensive attack against those demon beasts.

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