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If demons could be conquered and kept in captivity like little rabbits, then the empires in the Brilliance Continent would never get headaches over them.

However, Xiu wanted her to restrain those demons

It was either he had gone mad, or she was crazy.

“It wont be a problem.

I would recover most of my strength if we undid the third seal before the competition.

I could then help you to establish your foothold in the Forsaken Lane,” Xius confidence echoed with his voice.

It was as if he thought the demons were nothing more than mere dust.

“How long before you can undo the third seal” Shen Yanxiao did not really understand the magnitude of Xius strength until then.

She had a feeling that they would see significant changes in both of them as soon as they undo the third seal.

“If you can gather seventy thousand demonic cores tonight, I can undo your seal then.”

“Seventy thousand… are you kidding me!” Shen Yanxiao wished that she could find a brick that she could use to knock herself to death.

What was with the increasingly ridiculous requirement!

If she remembered correctly, he had devoured more than a thousand high-grade demonic cores that they stole from the state treasury.

She did not realize that they were still about seventy thousand low-grade demonic cores away from undoing the third seal.

Shen Yanxiao looked up speechlessly.

The road to undoing the seal felt endless!!

“You can continue to search for more demonic cores, but you will need to lay a solid foundation for your paths as a warlock and as an archer before that.

Now that youre in the Archer Division, Im no longer worried about your archery skills.

However, you have not been training your curses for the past half a month.

If you continue to do so, then Im afraid that it will impede your progress.”

Shen Yanxiao did not dare to practice the curses openly because Ouyang Huanyu was still searching for the warlock.

It was not only Xiu who thought that because she also felt as if she did not improve much at that time.

“Even though the curses in the sheepskin books are good for your skills, you still lack a solid foundation.”

“I will head to the Warlock Tower tonight.” It was indeed quite hard to lay down a solid foundation when she only had the sheepskin book to rely on.

She decided to go to the tower to borrow a few more books that she could use to train her foundation.

After Tang Nazhi and Lun Xuan fell asleep that night, she snuck out of the dormitory and then went toward the Warlock Division.

Even when she was quite far from the tower, she could see that its first floor was lit with candlelights.

The warm light illuminated a small area in the darkness.

The quiet Warlock Tower was as empty as she remembered from her previous trips.

Shen Yanxiao walked silently in the dark, but she suddenly felt a trace of unease.

The uneasiness came from within her, and she sensed as if something terrible was about to happen.

She did rush into the Warlock Tower.

Instead, she stopped to observe her surroundings carefully.

She did that for a while; however, nothing unusual happened.

Was that her paranoia

Shen Yanxiao was still a little uncertain about the situation.

She had not encountered any problems with her previous trips to the Warlock Tower, and that day looked to be the same as usual.

A few more moments passed, and yet, she still did not sense anything unusual.

“Xiu, can you check if anything is amiss” She was still very uneasy, and so she decided not to enter yet.

Even though Xiu resided in her, his perception was still many times better than hers.

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