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“They must not have been simple peasants if they could gain a foothold there.” Shen Yanxiao had yet to encounter a demon, but she had heard about their savagery from various sources.

Even though she was not interested in the demons, she was extremely interested in the demonic cores inside them.

“Obviously! Those three are now lords of the Forsaken Land.

They practice a different set of rules there, and they could even disregard the Emperors ruling.

They are like independent rulers in those cities, and thats so cool!” Even though he was a young master from the Black Tortoise Family, Tang Nazhi had profound respect for those lords with special privileges.

Shen Yanxiao shot a sideways glance at the extremely excited Tang Nazhi and spoke as if she had just thought about it, “Even though they have this competition, are you sure theres a slot for an herbalist”

Herbalists and priests are auxiliary professions, and they rarely participated in battles.

Those in other professions could end the fight in a second if it were a one-to-one match with the herbalists.

At least the priests had a light shield and bind as a safeguard mechanism, which then made the herbalists the weakest among all professions, and they were also the ones without any fighting abilities.

Tong Nazhi looked like he had rolled up his sleeves in preparation for the battle in half a years time.

Tang Nazhis lips twitched, and his originally exuberant expression immediately wilted.

He lowered his head and softly said, “Herbalists would only be tortured if they do join the competition.

Furthermore, we have to be in the top ten positions in our academy before we can represent the Saint Laurent Academy in the competition.”

Over the years, one could not find the name of an herbalist in the top ten or even the top 100 list.

It was truly pathetic!

“Instead of wasting time thinking about this, you might as well learn how to produce sleeping potions.

There will be an exam next week, and if you fail again, they might kick you out of the violet class.” As she finished the last bite of her lunch, Shen Yanxiao took the opportunity to remind someone of their predicament.

Every class would allot assignments to their students, and if the student were to fail four assignments in a month, then they would need to bid farewell to their class.

Unfortunately, Tang Nazhi had failed all three assignments that month, and if he were to fail again, he probably would have to say goodbye to the violet class.

When Shen Yanxiao said that, Tang Nazhis face immediately paled.

He had worked hard in his classes, but how did he get such tragic results when he had followed the steps that he had memorized so thoroughly

Furthermore, Shen Yanxiao could produce the perfect potion even though she was always missing for the better part of the day.

She was also the fastest in class, so the teacher had only high praise for her.

Other than the time he spent sleeping and eating, Tang Nazhi worked hard for his herbalism classes almost twenty-fours a day.

It also seemed like Shen Yanxiao only spent a maximum of five hours per day on her classes.

However, even though he nearly worked himself to death, he had failed to pass his assignments.

On the contrary, the bastard who often disappeared on some journey managed to pass all of the assignments.

It was unfair! It was extremely unfair!

Tang Nazhi was depressed and frustrated about his plight.

Even though he acknowledged Shen Yanxiaos talent in herbalism, it did not alleviate the unfairness that he felt.

“Say, Little Jue.

Ive been very good to you during this period, so could you…”

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