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It did not take much time for the rest of the Saint Laurent Academy to catch up to the news about that genius.

Shen Yanxiao managed to jump from the red class to the highest-ranked violet class.

When they heard about her performance in the previous challenge, no one in the violet class dared to confront her.

Many of the seniors even came to the first-years violet class to catch a glimpse of her.

Shen Yanxiao did not notice any difference in the change as she still had to spend her days navigating between two different divisions.

Qilin Auction Houses first batch of low-grade demonic cores arrived as scheduled.

Shen Yanxiao had more than three thousand low-grade demonic cores in her pocket.

Since she had Clemance with her, she had to take a few hundred of the demonic cores from Xiu to use it on her bow.

Of course, Xiu was unhappy about that.

Qilin Auction House was quite swift in collecting the demonic cores for her, but they still failed to meet Xius expectations.

They could only send a little over three thousand demonic cores per month, and that amount was hardly enough to fill the gaps in between Xius teeth.

However, that was the only method that Shen Yanxiao could think of to get the demonic cores quickly.

If she did not have the money to pay for that service, she probably could only get a few demonic cores each time.

Just as Shen Yanxiao pondered about her situation with the demonic cores, Tang Nazhi came to her with a piece of good news.

“For the next half of the year, all the students in Longxuan Empire will compete against each other, and the Emperor will grant the winner an abandoned pool in the Forsaken Land.” Tang Nazhi got the news while he was at lunch, and he quickly went and told Shen Yanxiao about it.

“To take the territory” Shen Yanxiao furrowed her eyebrows.

The Forsaken Land was announced to be entirely abandoned.

Many humans used to live there, but the demons eventually overran it.

Even though many empires had banded together to clear a safety zone for the humans, there were still a substantial amount of demons there.

Those demons were more powerful than the ones who lived hidden amongst humans.

They also ranked higher than the demons who lived near the abandoned pool.

The Forsaken Land was the demons territory, and no one dared to step in.

“The Emperors idea of granting the Forsaken Land to the strongest student in the entire Longxuan Empire is marvelous.” Shen Yanxiao laughed.

It was a good deal for the civilians and lords of the lands.

However, that place was so overrun with demons that the armies from different empires would have a hard time dealing with it.

It was a superficial reward to leave an area that dangerous to the empires most powerful youth.

“Who would dare to oppose him The army wont need much to clear the abandoned pool.

The Emperor plans to reap the benefits without any of the harm.” Tang Nazhi was not interested in becoming a lord.

However, he was more interested in the outcome of the competition.

It was a competition to find the most elite student in the entire Longxuan Empire.

The winner would then be known as the upcoming star of the Longxuan Empire.

That title would make the rest of the people green with envy.

“To try to change a demons territory into a land fit for human inhabitants.

Is that not akin to sending food directly to the demons lair” Shen Yanxiao asked.

Tang Nazhi smiled.

“Exactly! This competition only takes place once every three years.

I believe this is the nineteenth time that it has taken place.

Anyway, from what I could gather, only three of the previous eighteen winners could enter the Forsaken Land.

The rest of them either retreated or were eaten by the demons.”

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