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However, at that moment…

When he looked at the relaxed Shen Yanxiao beside him, Wan Li felt…

As if he did not have enough stamina.

What lousy karma had he obtained from his past life that the gods had to send a pervert to shatter his self-esteem

Wan Li forgot that the gods had not sent that pervert to him, and instead, he had provoked the pervert himself.

If it were possible, Wan Li would have slapped himself right at that spot.

He must have had too much free time on his hands to provoke that pervert.

Initially, he felt confident about the next match, but it turned out to be the one that he had the most to worry about.

When the second match began, Shen Yanxiao picked up the set of arrows that was meant for her and walked toward the metal balls.

Wan Li clenched his teeth, picked up his set of arrows, and then headed toward the same direction.

After Shen Yanxiao had released all one hundred of her arrows, Wan Li still had half of his arrows left.

What made him wanted to vomit blood was…

When he looked at all the metal balls on the ground, he realized that he had only managed to shoot a few.

All the remaining ones were shot by that pervert!

The students at the match were all dumbfounded.

At least ninety-five of Shen Yanxiaos arrows had managed to hit the metal balls.

The metal balls came at them at high-speed, and since the balls were not fixed targets, it was quite a challenge to hit them.

Was that not just a death punishment for those who could not hit them

There was no doubt that Shen Yanxiaos second victory was rather one-sided.

Wan Li had failed for the second time, and his arrogance vanished into thin air.

He shrugged his shoulders and walked toward Xie Yun.

All eyes were on him, and in a barely audible voice, he said, “Teacher Xie Yun, the third round… lets call it off… I… lost.”

What was there left to compete for He had lost all of his confidence in that round.

If they were to continue, he would only become the joke of the Archery Division!

Xie Yun was in a good mood, and so he agreed to Wan Lis request immediately.

Shen Yanxiaos performance was way better than what he had expected.

Xie Yun could not wait to end the competition so that he could grab the kid and ask him all about it.

When Xie Yun gave his approval, Wan Li left the shooting range, and he did not turn back once.

He would have to take off the most honorable violet classs robe, and from tomorrow onward, he would have to wear the disgraced outfit meant for the red class.

Even though she was the clear winner, Shen Yanxiao was upset as she looked at Wan Li, who had retreated from the competition.

Why did he have to retreat when it was only two rounds of warm-up exercises She was excited for the third round so that she could see the main highlight of the challenge.

Unfortunately, Shen Yanxiao did not have the time to sigh.

Xie Yun had already called for her.

The teacher had tonnes of questions to ask that genius.

Meanwhile, after the challenge had ended, the students who were already in dismay about the most deceiving competition in history were all about to wilt again.

The bet that was set before the start of the challenge had tempted all of the students who were there.

Other than the four beasts who had chosen to bet on Shen Yanxiao, the rest of the students had placed their bets on Wan Li.

Finally, the results were finalized to decide who had lost their bets.

The four of them did not give the students any time to cheat.

The students did not dare to recant their debt with those young masters anyway.

All they could do was to insult them discreetly, and they watched helplessly as the four filthy beasts made their way back to their own divisions.

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