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Xie Yun could barely contain the excitement in him as he looked at Shen Yanxiao with blatant joy in his eyes.

“Even though you have excellent skills, ultimately, there are only ten arrows on the target.

Therefore, it will be counted as ten points, the same as Wan Li.

This match is a draw.”

Shen Yanxiao shrugged nonchalantly.

In any case, she regarded the first match as a warmup-exercise only.

She knew that the remaining two matches were the highlight of the challenge.

However, compared to Shen Yanxiaos indifference, Wan Li felt extremely gloomy.

He thought that she was someone that he could easily crush, and he did not expect that she was even more powerful than he had assumed.

Even though Xie Yun said that it was a draw, he knew that everyone acknowledged that Shen Yanxiaos ability surpassed his, no matter if it was in terms of accuracy, speed, strength, or skills.

At that moment, the crowds perception had changed.

After they had witnessed Shen Yanxiaos accuracy when she released those ten arrows, who would dare to treat her like trash

On the contrary, everyones favorite in the challenge, Wan Li, was in an extremely embarrassing situation.

Everyone thought that he would win the challenge, but who knew that his opponent would crush him in the first match.

If Xie Yun were to announce Shen Yanxiao as the winner of that match, then Wan Li could just leave on his own accord after the next one.

Fortunately for him, Xie Yun ruled the match as a draw, and they had both agreed on the best of three matches.

Wan Li had no choice but to go through the three matches to protect his reputation.

However, everyone had seen her skills with the ten chasing arrows.

Would anyone believe that Wan Li could win against Shen Yanxiao then

The topic of everyones conversation had changed from how Shen Yanxiao had overestimated her abilities to…

“Where did this strange chap come from How are we supposed to continue living, when someone like him is here”

A certain genius savage skills had destroyed everyones confidence, and even those in the violet class had wiped their sweat discreetly.

They thought that they were fortunate to have Wan Li as their scapegoat.

Otherwise, one of them would have to suffer a crushing defeat instead.

The second match for the challenge was the moving target archery.

The rules of the match were also quite straightforward.

They only needed to replace the fixed target to one that moved.

The mobile targets were those little golden balls that would float up high above the shooting range.

Those little balls were metal balls activated by a Magus, and they would move rapidly from each other due to the magic that was infused in it.

They had rapid movements, and it would be impossible to see them if one did not pay attention to them.

All one could probably see were streaks of golden shadows that swept across the skies.

Many students in the Archer Division trained with those metal balls, but the first-year students would rarely see them.

The contestants were judged on the hundred arrows that they would use in the match.

The winner was the one who hit the most metal balls.

Wan Li had wanted to show off his skills to Xie Yun during the moving target archery match.

As a first-year student, he had only minimal contact with the golden balls, but he had discreetly trained his skills so that he could distinguish himself when the opportunity presented itself in the future.

Before the first match, he was confident that his skills in the second match were definitely the strongest amongst the first-year students in the Archer Division.

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