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Ninety-nine percent of the students bet on Wan Li to win, and only the four beasts who ran the bet had discreetly placed their pouches on Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao stood in front of Wan Li under the publics attention, and her petite figure seemed exceptionally fragile.

It was such a sharp contrast between those two that no one expected Shen Yanxiao to win the challenge.

“You dared to come.” Wan Li lifted his head proudly and looked at his weaker opponent in disdain.

“Why wouldnt I” Shen Yanxiao chuckled lightly and took Clemance off her back.

She quirked her eyebrows and looked at the cocky Wan Li.

Then she said, “Stop talking nonsense.

Just tell me how you wish to compete.”

That brat was near to the time of his death, and yet he dared to be so arrogant Wan Li almost vomited blood as he was vexed and angered by Shen Yanxiaos calmness.

“Simple, best of three! Fixed target archery, moving target archery, and combat archery.

If you can win two matches out of three, then its your victory.” Wan Li sneered.

The kid probably did not even know the rules of the challenge.

What a fearless, ignorant idiot!

“Sure.” Shen Yanxiao could guess and understand what those matches entailed.

“Very well.” Wan Li nodded with a sneer.

Then he turned toward Xie Yun, and his arrogant expression turned into respect.

“Teacher Xie Yu, I accepted this students challenge, but I did it against my will.

To guarantee fairness in this challenge, I would like to invite you to be our referee.” Wan Li had a brilliant scheme.

If Xie Yu agreed to be their referee, then he would have to stay for the duration of the three matches before he could leave.

That would guarantee that he would have sufficient time to show off his talents to Xie Yun.

Shen Yanxiao scoffed inwardly when Wan Li saidagainst his will. She clearly remembered how he obstructed her path to invite her to a challenge.

How did that reverse to become something she had forcefully challenge him into doing

Xie Yun looked at Wan Li, and then at Shen Yanxiao.

He hesitated for a brief moment, before he said, “Very well, please remember not to overdo it or to harm anyone during the matches.” Since he could not prevent the challenge, the least that he could do was to make Wan Li exercise restraint.

As for Wan Lis little scheme, how could the astute Xie Yun not notice it

“Oh god, teacher Xie Yun actually agreed to be their referee! Wan Lis status in teacher Xie Yuns heart must be…” The students who stood at the side were shocked by Xie Yuns answer.

Even though some students managed to invite other teachers to referee their challenges, no one had managed to invite Xie Yun.

Not only did Xie Yun came to the shooting range unexpectedly, but he had also made an exception to referee the challenge.

One could almost not believe it!

How influential was Wan Li, to be able to invite Xie Yun!

At that moment, everyone realized how highly Xie Yun must have regarded Wan Li.

Otherwise, Xie Yun would not have made multiple exceptions for him.

No one expected suspense in those matches, as it was practically Wan Lis private show.

Everyone was worried for Shen Yanxiao as she was about to fight Wan li.

She could have challenged anyone else, so why did she choose Wan Li He was a talent who Xie Yun seemed particularly fond of.

“Thank you, teacher Xie Yun.” Wan Li thanked him respectfully.

As he turned around, he looked at Shen Yanxiao in an incredibly proud manner.

“What are you waiting for We can start right now.”

Shen Yanxiaos lips slowly curved as she revealed a radiant smile.

Her bright eyes sparkled with an evil glint.

“Sure, we can… start.”

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