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Yan Xiao had talent, but he was also a beginner, and it had not even been a week since he arrived at the Archer Division.

To think that he would challenge another student Xie Yun wished that he could grab that reckless stinky lad and give him a good beating.

Even though Yan Xiao was talented, Wan Li had already undergone years of training before he entered the Saint Laurent Academy.

For him to challenge someone so rashly was too…

If Yan Xiao did not insist on staying outside the academy, he would have killed his way to the dormitory to crack open his head to see exactly what he was thinking.

However, Xie Yun had not been able to locate even Shen Yanxiaos silhouette.

Instead, Wan Li had approached him for a greeting, and he had to answer him heedlessly.

Time went by, and a few duels had already begun.

However, Shen Yanxiao had not arrived at the shooting range.

Wan Li had an ugly expression on his face.

Initially, he did not even care if Shen Yanxiao would appear for the duel or not as he was confident that the outcome of the duel would have been the same.

However, since Xue Yu was also there to spectate, he was eager for Shen Yanxiao to come so that he could trample her and show off his skills.

“Dont tell me that the stinky lad is afraid and decided to back out of this duel.” Wan Li gritted his teeth as he looked at the entrance anxiously.

The other students had the same thoughts too.

They had heard about the fearless first-year-student and how he dared to challenge an elite student from the violet class.

They had also heard about the three-million-gold-coin bow, so they were anxious to see Shen Yanxiaos appearance.

Just when everyone assumed that Shen Yanxiao would back out of the duel, a petite figure appeared at the entrance to the shooting range.

He had a small physique, and he wore a long red robe with a black bow tied on his back.

The large bow formed a huge contrast with his delicate figure.

Many wondered if the bow would be taller than him if it were straightened and held upward.

“Hes finally here.” Wan Li sighed in relief, and there was a sharp glint in his gaze.

It was all perfect, and he decided to make good use of that idiot to display an excellent performance in front of Xie Yu.

He wanted everyone to know that he was the strongest among all first-year students!

Xie Yun finally saw that reckless little chap.

He had to wipe his cold sweat discreetly when he saw Yan Xiaos unperturbed expression.

That kid sure looked calm.

Did he not know what he would face

Xie Yun was anxious that Wan Li would crush Yan Xiao in defeat because the young lad overestimated his own abilities.

Such a loss could annihilate a young mans confidence.

However, he had no reason to stop the challenge as both parties had arrived at the shooting range.

He could only secretly pray that the young chaps mental state could endure the defeat, and he hoped that he would not be discouraged by that.

One could say that no one at the shooting range believed that Shen Yanxiao would triumph over Wan Li.

Even Xie Yun, who cheered for Yan Xiaos talent, had the same thoughts.

How could they compete with such a significant disparity in their strengths

Meanwhile, at a specific dark corner, four nasty villains stared at the small figure, who was the center of everyones attention.

Then they started their shameless discussion.

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