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With Clemence in hand, Shen Yanxiao took an arrow from the quiver.

She took a deep breath and nocked the arrow on the bowstring.

“You have a pretty good posture.” It was as if Xiu could see Shen Yanxiaos movements with his own eyes.

Compared to the previous stiff posture at Great Master Duans residence, Shen Yanxiaos posture had improved after a few fundamental lessons.

How terrifying was her talent that she could transform from a beginner in archery to someone who could achieve good posture

A trace of a faint smile appeared on her lips.

As she looked at a target that was about a hundred meters away, she suddenly released the arrow.

The arrow dashed toward the center of the target and then lodged itself firmly in the bulls eye.

However, the arrow did not pierce through the target.

It merely pinned on it.

“Is it because of the arrow” She quirked her eyebrows in puzzlement at the entirely different result as compared to her previous attempt.

“Even though the ash spirit arrows were not the highest grade arrows, every single one of them has a rune that was engraved by the forger.

The arrows that youve just used were only common arrows, and thus, had different effects than the ash spirit arrows.” Xiu was like a stern teacher who would help Shen Yanxiao to resolve her doubts.

Was there such a difference It seemed like the 300 ash spirit arrows that she extorted were pretty good items.

“To be a true archer, it is not as easy as shooting the bulls eye.

You might encounter enemies with thicker armor, or those protected with a barrier-like shield.

The little strength that you have now would not be enough to break through their defenses.” The appropriate amount of encouragement was essential, but an accurate awareness was equally as important as well.

Xiu did not hold back with his criticism toward Shen Yanxiao.

An archer might require accuracy, but speed and power were the true essences of being an archer.

“Even though you can rely on arrows engraved with runes for power, you will also need to rely on your own abilities to become the top archer.

Bows and arrows are merely supplementary weapons.

It will only suffice if you can use the most common bow and arrow to deliver a powerful strike.”

“Power.” Shen Yanxiao pondered about that.

The basic requirement for an archer was to shoot with high precision.

However, if she wanted to be a beautiful crane in a flock of chicken, then she would have to improve her skills further.

Shen Yanxiao took two arrows from the quiver and nocked them on the bowstring as a small smile curled on her lips.

“Then what do you think about this”


An arrow shot out.

As the first arrow expelled, Shen Yanxiao immediately used her mental energy and locked onto it before she released the other arrow at lightning speed.

The second arrow was much faster, so before the first arrow could strike the target, the second arrow had accurately arrived at its rear.

With an astonishing force, the second arrow directly rammed into the first arrow and caused it to immediately sped up and pierced through the target in the blink of an eye.

Xiu was shocked by the display of Shen Yanxiaos skills.

With a second arrow to chase and push the first target, it gave an ordinary arrow the power to penetrate through the target.

How sharp was her eyesight that she had a clear view of the fast-moving arrow Furthermore, how fast were her hands to release another arrow before the first one hit the target

One would be hard-pressed to find a handful of people in the world who could achieve such a feat.

“You infused the second arrow with magic.” Xiu soon found the reason.

Before Shen Yanxiao released the first arrow, she had already pulled the bowstring to its limit.

It was almost impossible for the second arrow to catch up to the first one, let alone surpass it.

However, Shen Yanxiao managed to achieve that feat.

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