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Chapter 2089: Creation of Gods (5)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Even though the lifespan of humans could be extended as their strength increased, there were extremely few humans who had lived for tens of thousands of years.

The previous Palace Master of the Broken Star Palace was one of them.

Other than that, all the human experts who had participated in the war between gods and devils had died in battle.

Shen Yanxiao frowned.

According to the description of the Dragon God and Yun Qi, she could deduce that the racial integration experiment had been carried out by some organization in secret for a long time, but the stability of the experimental subjects could not be guaranteed.

The Forbidden Skills of Warlocks, on the other hand, could eliminate this instability very well.

So in the Brilliance Continent, the progress of racial integration experiment far exceeded the experimental body that the Dragon God had seen

“Who on earth is so crazy” Shen Yanxiao bit her fingertips.

If that was the case, then they would have to face more than just human Warlocks.


In fact, as early as Yun Qi said that Xius real body was in the hands of those Warlocks, Shen Yanxiao already found it strange.

The development of human beings was very fast, but to be able to dig out the frozen War God and use his identity as a god for experiments without waking up the War Gods soul was unbelievable in itself.

If what the Dragon God said was true, then everything made sense.

The organization that conducted the racial integration experiment in the beginning must still exist in this world.

When they discovered that human Warlocks could make their experiments more perfect, they finally decided to conduct their experiments in the Brilliance Continent.

All of this was only Shen Yanxiaos speculation, but such a speculation shocked her.

An experiment that had lasted for tens of thousands of years…

It was hard to measure the amount of time and investment that went into it.

“It doesnt matter who it is.

Didnt the War God say that you are the only experimental body that has been integrated with the blood of eight races Rest assured, as long as you are here, other experimental bodies are not worth mentioning at all.

The blood of our God race is the purest.

You have inherited the blood of the God race, so your strength can absolutely best the rest in seconds.” The Dragon God was still quite optimistic.

He had only been in contact with two experimental bodies.

One was the unlucky dragon who died not long after, and the other was Shen Yanxiao.

Even though Shen Yanxiao gave him the feeling that she was a black-bellied little baddie, her nature was not bad.

Therefore, he was very optimistic and felt that there was nothing too troublesome about experimental subjects.

However, Shen Yanxiao did not think so.

Other than herself, she had also come into contact with two other experimental subjects that had been integrated with at least the blood of seven races.

One of them was Lan Fengli.

The other was Young Master Xun, whom she met in the Broken Star Palace.

In the Broken Star Palace, Shen Yanxiao learned that Young Master Xun was personally led by Ouyang Huanyu.

She felt that there must be a huge secret behind that sanctimonious dean.

After she unified the Forsaken Land, she sent someone to Saint Laurent Academy.

However, Ouyang Huanyu had already mysteriously disappeared, and they did not find anything of value in the secret room of Ouyang Huanyus room.

It was as if Ouyang Huanyu had never existed.

“Cough, lets not talk about my problem for the time being.

Im curious about how Qi Xia and the rest are going to fuse with their godhood.” Without any more clues, Shen Yanxiao could only concentrate on the inheritance of godhoods for the time being.

Inheriting the power of the gods with a mortal body.

That sounded very, very exciting!

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