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Chapter 2086: Creation of Gods (2)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

“This is the greatest secret of the God race, and it is also the secret that every War God must protect so that the God race will not perish.

As long as there are still pure souls in this world, the God race will be reborn.” Xiu casually threw out some inspiring words.

“Furthermore, you have miscalculated something.”


“The Dragon race does not have a king.” Xiu faintly said.

“Ah” The Dragon God was stunned.

There didnt seem to find any particularly powerful fellow among the dragons, except for him… And he was also chosen later to become a superior god.

But before that… he was a pure dragon, okay


Xiu said, “The Lord God has very specific requirements for the guides of each race.

They are all selected from the gods according to the unique characteristics of each race.

Dragons have a violent temperament and like to use force.

Thus, the Lord God chose two superior gods to descend to the dragons, but the effect was not so good.

After all, the character of gods is somewhat inconsistent with dragons, and it is not easy to unite them all.

Therefore, the Lord God temporarily abandoned the plan to select a guide and just invited the Dragon God into the God race because the Lord God wanted to carefully observe the characteristics of the dragons.”

Shen Yanxiao listened quietly.

The more she listened, the stranger she felt the situation was.

“Dont tell me its because… dragons are not humanoid creatures, so…”

“You can understand it that way.” Xiu calmly said.

Among all the races, the dragons were the only race that lived in their beast form.

The heart of a beast…

Who could imitate it

Shen Yanxiao had an expression on her face as if she had expected it.

Then she looked at the Dragon God with obvious interest in her eyes.

The Dragon God swallowed his saliva.

“Even in the God race, the first Dragon God appeared in the form of a dragon, but unlike the current dragons, he was very long and could fly without dragon wings,” Yaksha added.

Shen Yanxiao could not help but fantasize about the ancient dragon in her previous life.

If the current dragons looked like western dragons, then the first dragon was similar to eastern dragons…

The Dragon Race did not have a real king, and the Dragon God was not dead.

This meant that the godhood of the Dragon God had not returned to the last temple, which would eliminate another member of their elite fighting force.

“Well, in the past, the soul of every superior god was chosen by the Lord God himself.

Now that the Lord God is gone, can you still choose the right soul” Shen Yanxiao was a little worried.

What if the soul they selected did not match the godhood If this produced a repulsive effect… it would be fatal!

Xiu looked up at Shen Yanxiao and slowly said, “I can.”

Yaksha said, “The War God can be regarded as a clone of the Lord God.

Although the War God cannot directly create the body of a god for the soul like the Lord God, it is not difficult to integrate the godhood and the soul.

However, in terms of strength, there are still some differences compared to a real superior god.

But if the soul is strong enough, this flaw can be made up for.

With them on our side, it is not impossible to deal with the devil generals.”

Shen Yanxiao once again realized how awesome the War God was!

The way she looked at her fiance was about to burst into pink bubbles.

“Then we have to hurry to other continents, contact the dwarves and merpeople, and then search around for any suitable souls.” Shen Yanxiao was already eager to give it a try! Creating gods or whatnot, it sounded very exciting!

Xiu looked at Shen Yanxiao and said, “I have already found the right souls.”

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