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Chapter 2085: Creation of Gods (1)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Twelve devil generals were equivalent to the fighting strength of twelve superior gods.

As for the God race, Xius body had yet to be found, and the Dragon God had been resurrected as a dragon.

As for Shen Siyu, he had also been reduced to a demigod due to the lack of godhood.

The disparity in strength was hard to accept.

“We still have the kings of each race.

They may have the ability to fight against the devil generals,” Xiu said lightly.

“The king of each race is in fact succeeded by the soul of a superior god, guiding each race to the light as a god.

Every king of each race is born from a god chosen by the Lord God himself.

Although they have lost the body of a god, they still have the strength of a superior god.” The Dragon God explained when he saw Shen Yanxiaos confusion.


“Err, so is the Elf King one of them” Shen Yanxiao blinked.

She did not expect the Elf King to be the reincarnation of a superior god.

Xiu nodded his head.

“But humans dont…” Shen Yanxiao muttered.

“How can a complicated race like humans listen to the guidance of one person The kings of other races are chosen by the Lord God himself, but the Human race is an exception.

The Lord God has never thought of arranging for a superior god to come to the Human race, and even if he did, do you think that with the ambition of you humans, you would listen to them honestly” The Dragon God curled his lips.

Obviously, he did not have a good feeling about humans.

The human heart was the most complicated.

Too many factors could change their thoughts.

Greed and ambition made it difficult for them to be united.

Shen Yanxiao was silent.

She had to admit that the Dragon God was right.

Be it this world or her former world, humans had never gathered together.

There were corresponding rulers between countries that competed for benefits between each other, and it had never stopped for thousands of years.

It was only due to Shen Yanxiaos absolute force that the selfishness of the rulers in the Brilliance Continent were curbed.

The Lord God actually sent superior gods to various races to guide them.

Shen Yanxiao had to give this smart Lord God a thumbs up.

No wonder all races in the world held the highest belief for the God race.

After all, their boss was sent here by the God race!

This was probably why the various races responded to the call of the gods in the war between gods and devils.

“But even if we include the king of each race, our numbers are not comparable to the devil generals.” Yaksha was not optimistic.

Three superior gods, plus the leaders of the five major races other than the Human race, there were only eight.

Furthermore, the moment the war began, the War God would personally fight against Satan.

Therefore, there were only seven people on their side who could face those devil generals.

Compared to the number of devil generals, they were just barely over half the number of their forces.

“If we cant find more people to fight the devil generals, the war will be going to be very difficult,” Yaksha said bluntly.

The superior gods had the power to crush everything, and so did the devil generals.

“The last temple,” Xiu suddenly said.

Everyones gaze focused on Xiu.

At this moment, they could only pray that Xiu could bring them a glimmer of hope.

“The Lord God once said that when every superior god falls, their godhood will return to the last temple.

If you can find a soul with the same character and inherit those godhoods, you can create a new superior god.”

“Create a new superior god” Shen Yanxiao was shocked by Xius words.

“Really” The Dragon God and Yaksha were also surprised.

Even they did not know about this.

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