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Chapter 2084: Young People Should Use Their Brains to Think (3)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

In the words of the Dragon God, Yaksha and Di Xiu had a real… love-hate relationship!

Yaksha could be said to have been born with Di Xiu in the God race.

From the moment they became aware of their surroundings, the two of them had been maintaining… the pattern of love and hate.

Yaksha and Di Xius talents were top-notch in the God race.

The outstanding Yaksha often provoked Di Xiu, who he deemed to be gifted.

Sparring with each other had become a daily occurrence for them.

Yaksha was once like the Dragon God.

Because he was unconvinced by the strength of Di Xiu, he repeatedly challenged him, and after being abused, he became more and more courageous…

It was not until they fought for the position of War God that the two of them completely cut off contact.


Shen Yanxiao could not help but feel emotional about this… pattern of bamboo and horse.

The Dragon God, on the other hand, was very happy, because he finally found a fellow who was as miserable as him and was also similarly abused by Xiu.

The Dragon God felt that he and Yaksha shared a common language, so as soon as Yaksha came, the Dragon God came to seek an alliance.


Yaksha expressionlessly glanced at the Dragon God who was trying to make his presence known in front of him, and then focused his eyes on Xiu.

He completely ignored the Dragon Gods goodwill.

The scene in the room was very strange.

Shen Yanxiao sat cross-legged on the bed with Vermillion Bird and Taotie lying on her thighs.

The Dragon God bit his handkerchief and looked at Yaksha who ignored him.

Yaksha looked at Xiu with a paralyzed face, while Xiu sat on the chair with his legs crossed and his ten fingers clasped in front of his chest.

He looked at Shen Yanxiao sitting on the bed with a cold yet gentle expression.

“Sit down and lets talk,” Shen Yanxiao said to clear the awkward atmosphere.

“Satan came to me some time ago.” Yaksha confessed.

After getting Di Xius approval, Yaksha decided to bring the Undead race into Shen Yanxiaos alliance.

This was not only his wish, but also the wish of all undeads.

“Satan really came to see you Then you…” The Dragon God looked at Yaksha with a doubtful expression.

“I have already asked someone to prepare a ceremony in a few days.

At that time, Di Xiu will come forward as the representative of the God race and announce that the God race has accepted the Undead race again,” Yaksha said expressionlessly.

His action would show that he chose to refuse Satans invitation.

The Dragon God breathed a sigh of relief.

“Yes.” Xiu nodded.

“The Devil race will soon reappear, and the God race has fallen.

Even if we dont cooperate with the Devil race, the Devil race wont mind our absence at all.” Yaksha, as a former ally of the Devil race, was the clearest about the strength of the Devil race.

When the God race was still there, with the exception of the Lord God, the other superior gods were still present.

Even so, the God race still had to pay a heavy price for victory.

Now that the God race was almost extinct, it was not so easy to fight against the Devil race.

“Are the devils that powerful They must have suffered a lot in the war between gods and devils.” The Dragon God had died very early in the war, so he was not clear about the situation of the Devil Race at all.

Yaksha shook his head and said, “Many of the devil generals have survived.

Of the twelve devil generals, there are still seven left.

Although they were seriously injured back then, after such a long time, they have more or less recovered.”

The expressions of everyone in the room immediately became solemn.

The devil generals of the Devil Race were as strong as the superior gods of the God race.

At present, the God race only had three superior gods, while the Devil Race had seven…

“And I also heard from Satan that the positions of the five dead devil generals have been replaced by new devils.” Yaksha once again threw out even more despairing news.

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