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Chapter 2083: Young People Have to Use Their Brains to Think (2)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

It was not difficult for Xiu to kill Yaksha.

What was difficult was what the undeads would do once Yaksha was killed.

Yaksha was once a god, and he had always yearned to return to the God race.

Under his leadership, undeads would return to the right path.

If it were not for the fact that the Lord God had suddenly cut off contact with Yaksha and disappeared not long after, undeads would have gone along very well with other races.

“I see.” The Dragon God nodded, finally understanding everything.

“Hmph, if it werent for that, he would have died long ago.” Vermilion Bird sneered.

The thought of Yaksha almost killing Shen Yanxiao made him want to tear Yaksha into pieces.


Shen Yanxiao broke into laughter.

All in all, she sympathized with Yaksha.

He had been tormented so badly.

Although he held the highest position of the Undead race, he wanted to die with all his heart.

“Where on earth did the Lord God go He actually disappeared after causing so much trouble.” Shen Yanxiao was speechless at the Lord God she had never met before.

If he had not disappeared, the devils would not have been so bold as to attack other races, gods would not have been wiped out, and undeads would not have cooperated with devils.

All this chaos basically started from the disappearance of the Lord God.

“I dont know.” The Dragon God shrugged his shoulders.

After their relationship with Yaksha eased, Shen Yanxiao and the others stayed in the palace to rest.

The Flaming Red Squad waited outside the palace for a day and a night until they received the news that Shen Yanxiao would stay in the palace temporarily.

As for the specific reason, they did not know.

Without seeing Shen Yanxiao, the members of the Flaming Red Squad were unwilling to leave.

The incident in the banquet hall had left a huge scar on them.

They were afraid that the Undead Lord would harm Shen Yanxiao again, so they simply stood guard outside the palace.

If not for their lack of strength, they would probably dare to force their way in.

Shen Yanxiao only learned the next day that the members of the Flaming Red Squad were still waiting outside the palace, and she immediately left the palace.

When Zhanye and a group of teenagers saw Shen Yanxiao, they immediately went towards her, their faces full of worry.

“Boss, are you alright”

“Boss, did the Undead Lord make things difficult for you”

Shen Yanxiao felt warm in the face of these naughty brats concerns.

She looked at the nervous teenagers with a smile.

“Im fine.

I just have some things to do for the time being and cant leave yet.

You can go back first.

Ill come back to you later.” She still had to stay here.

Yaksha had sent someone to bring a message last night saying that he had a lot to say to Xiu.

The teenagers looked at Shen Yanxiao suspiciously.

They looked at Shen Yanxiao from head to toe.

After ensuring that Shen Yanxiao was really fine, they left with complicated feelings.

During Shen Yanxiaos absence, the training of the Flaming Red Squad would be temporarily handed over to Kehr to supervise until Shen Yanxiao returned.

Yaksha came to Shen Yanxiaos room that night, and Xiu sat there with an indifferent expression.

The Dragon God, who was staying in another room, quickly ran over.

Right now, Yakshas cold aura had faded, only his cold expression remained unchanged.

In this state, Shen Yanxiao no longer felt scared of him.

Yaksha, whose heart was relieved, was getting more and more similar to Xiu.

From the mouth of the Dragon God, Shen Yanxiao heard a lot about Yaksha.

She also knew that as early as when Yaksha was still a god, he had fought a lot with Xiu.

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