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Chapter 2071: Youngster, Lets Talk About Life (3)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

“I wont compensate for anything.” Bian was silent for a long time before he squeezed out such a sentence from his huge mouth.


The eyes of all the undeads in the hall popped out.

Holy smokes!

What on earth was going on


Where was the promised battle between life and death

What about fighting to the end

Why did he suddenly mention compensation

None of the undeads present could accept such a twist.

As for Taotie who crouched in Shen Yanxiaos body, he was currently worshiping his masters “beast taming” skill.

He realized that even though his fourth brothers mind was not clear, Shen Yanxiao could still talk some sense into him!

“Master, master! How did you do it!” Taotie simply wanted to hug his masters thigh and wag his tail.

Shen Yanxiao secretly rolled her eyes.

Did Taotie have to sound so excited

“You taught me.”

Taotie, who was happily wagging his tail, felt dizzy.

“I taught you”


“When did I teach you to tame my fourth brother”

“You told me that Bian is so upright that he doesnt even recognize his own family when acting out those acts of righteousness.

This shows that his nature is deeply rooted within him.

Just like you, even if you are tortured to death, as long as it involves eating, you will immediately react.” Shen Yanxiaos method of dealing with Bian was actually inferred from the characteristics of Taotie and Yazi.

Taotie was a glutton.

No matter when, his ultimate goal was to eat.

Even after being imprisoned by elves for so many years, he did not think about taking revenge on the elves in the cage.

Instead, he thought about how to get something more to eat.

Yazi was bloodthirsty.

Even though he had signed a contract with Lan Fengli, he did not restrain himself in the slightest.

During the beast tide, he was besieged by demon beasts and fell into a bitter fight.

However, he only felt excitement and glee, and the bloodlust in his heart was completely released.

It could be inferred that all of Taoties brothers had their own weird quirks, which had been deeply embedded in their bones and could never be erased.

Whether they were conscious or not, their essence was buried deep in their hearts.

Once touched, they would immediately react.

Shen Yanxiao grasped Bians upright nature and liked to judge right and wrong, trying to stimulate Bians awakening with such words.

As a result, Shen Yanxiao made the right bet!

“…” Taotie felt that something was wrong, but Shen Yanxiaos words made him unable to refute!

That was right.

Eating was the most important thing for him!

Taotie, who had fallen into Shen Yanxiaos thoughts, instantly felt that he was extremely smart.

He could actually teach his master to tame his fourth brother!

Oh, oh, what a sense of accomplishment!

Taotie, who was filled with thoughts of “I cant beat you, but I can tame you”, was rolling around in Shen Yanxiaos heart lake.

Bian looked at Shen Yanxiao arrogantly, but there was a faint trace of guilt on his hideous face.

It was as if he had realized that he had been doing something wrong.

The battle ended in such a dramatic way.

The Undead Lord suddenly stood up and snapped his fingers.

Immediately after, a huge iron cage fell from the ceiling and directly imprisoned Bian again.

Bian, who was being watched in the cage, went berserk again, and his eyes that had just recovered became crazy again.

Dozens of skeleton soldiers quickly came in from the door, tied up the cage with huge chains, and dragged the cage out of the hall.

Everything that happened just now was like a dream.

The Flaming Red Squad even wondered if they were still asleep.

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