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“Say, Xie Yun.” Great Master Duan suddenly called the middle-aged mans name and said, “The autumn enrollment for the Saint Laurent Academys Archer Division seems to have ended.

I wonder if theres anything that you can do to squeeze in a late enrollee”

Shen Yanxiao stared at them with a blank expression on her face.

Was the middle-aged man a teacher at the Saint Laurent Academy Based on what Great Master Duan had said, were they trying to enroll her in the Archers Division

Xie Yun confirmed her doubts soon enough.

“The regulations dont allow it, but I have my ways.” As he thought about it, Xie Yun said to Shen Yanxiao in all seriousness, “Little kid, you are very talented.

I wonder if you are willing to learn at the Archer Division of the Saint Laurent Academy”

Did he want to drag her into the Archer Division, just like that Shen Yanxiao struggled with an answer.

However, she was moved by Xie Yuns invitation.

Furthermore, the skill books in the Archer Division were not as accessible as those from the Warlock Division.

If she were to steal the books from there, she could only take them from the first few floors.

The manuals for advanced skills were all kept under magical lock and key on the higher levels.

The Magus Division cast the magic, and no one could gain entry unless they had a teachers permission.

It was great news that Xie Yun wanted her to enroll in the Archer Division, and with her skills, it was impossible if she could not get into the higher levels.

However, a temptation was one thing, and Shen Yanxiao was a little fox who would not submit to temptations so quickly.

She looked at Xie Yun with mixed emotions of expectations and awkwardness.

“I do wish to go to the Saint Laurent Academy, but their fees are too high and my family…”

Shen Yanxiao did not have to finish her sentences, and Xie Yu already understood her supposed difficulties.

He assessed the extraordinarily gifted young kid in front of him again.

His thin body was clothed in plain attire, and he did not seem like he was from an influential family.

Students from ordinary families would not be able to afford Saint Laurent Academys high tuition fees, but Xie Yun did not want to see such a talented student slip through his fingers.

Xie Yun took a deep breath, and then he said determinedly, “Rest assured.

As long as you study well, I will take care of your tuition fees.”

Shen Yanxiao immediately nodded and started to cheer deep down in her heart.

It was great if she could enter the Archer Division.

However, Shen Feng had already paid for her tuition, and she did not want to pay for another set of tuition fees.

Since someone was willing to cover that for her, it could not have gone better than that.

Great Master Duan wanted to cry for Xie Yun.

He might not have known much about the young kid, but he knew full well of the astronomical price that he had set for that firmament wood bow.

Since the shop assistant at the Lianjin Weapon Shop had brought the little kid to his house, it meant that he could afford that kind of money.

How could a little kid have three million gold coins for the bow, but could not afford the Saint Laurent Academys tuition fees

Great Master Duan could only discreetly sigh for a particular impulsive teacher who was brutally extorted by a crafty fox that acted like a pig to eat the tiger.

However, he did not expose her schemes.

He merely grieved for Xie Yun and egged Shen Yanxiaos shamelessness on.

“Oh, right, whats your name” Xie Yun asked.

Shen Yanxiaos big eyes blinked, and she smiled.

“Xiao Yan.”

“Xiao Yan, take this badge to the Saint Laurent Academys Archer Division and look for me tomorrow at noon.

I will arrange for you to enroll in the academy.” Xie Yun retrieved a Saint Laurent Academy teachers badge from his space ring.

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