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Chapter 2053: Finals (3)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

A heart-pounding fight was about to begin!

Just kidding…

As the Royal Academy had been trained too hard for the past five days, they could not even display their usual standards.

From the beginning of the match, they had been beaten by the Flaming Red Squad…

This opening shocked the eyeballs of the undead crowd.


No one expected that the finals they had been looking forward to would turn into a one-sided fight from the start.

Looking at the Royal Academy students who had been devastated and the members of the Flaming Red Squad who were still in perfect condition, the whole venue fell into a dead silence.

Sitting in the audience seats, Luoqius expression directly fell from arrogance to horror.

The look of horror on his face looked too perfect.

The Undead Lord sitting in the main grandstand frowned slightly.

Obviously, he was not satisfied with this battle that was not bloody at all.

In fact, the Royal Academy students were not to blame.

This was entirely Luoqius fault.

Fengling and others, no matter how good their talents were, were only teenagers who had yet to reach adulthood.

Under such high-intensity training, they were forced to train until their physical strength was overdrawn every day.

The bodies of teenagers were still in the developmental stage and could not be compared with the recovery speed of an adult undead.

It would take at least half a day for them to recover to their peak state.

However, they had trained late into the night yesterday and were dragged to the venue early in the morning.

How could they recover

Luoqius excessive actions had directly planted a tragic ending for him.

Watching the Royal Academy students being tortured to death by the Flaming Red Squad, Luoqius beautiful dream was shattered, and his whole heart completely fell to the bottom of his stomach.

Nock, who had been trying to make his presence known in front of the Undead Lord, turned completely black after seeing this situation.

To think that he had been praising his students in front of the Undead Lord for the past five days.

However, todays match had made him lose all his face.

Nock silently retreated from the Undead Lords side and rushed to the audience seats with the speed of a gale sweeping away fallen leaves.

He grabbed Luoqius collar and picked him up.

“Whats going on Ive asked you to train them for the past few days, and youve trained them to this state” Nock glared at Luoqiu angrily.

The group of students he had painstakingly trained had been tormented into this state by Luoqiu in five days.

Nocks heart was bleeding.

“I… I dont know.

I just trained them…” Luoqiu panicked.

He took over the team at the last minute.

Before this, the training of the Royal Academy students had always been arranged by Nock.

Only during these five past days, because of Nocks departure, was he fully responsible for their training.

He never thought that things would become like this.

“Training This is the result of your training How can they participate in the competition with that kind of appearance How on earth did you torture them!” Nock no longer cared about his noble temperament.

He wished he could swallow Luoqiu alive.

Luoqiu wanted to cry.

He really didnt know what was going on.

Luoqiu had never given any student such a large amount of training before.

This time, his actions had exceeded his normal judgment.

He overestimated the endurance of the Royal Academy students.

The overloaded training had completely drained the energy of these students.

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