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Chapter 2051: Finals (1)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

There were only five days left before the finals.

The Royal Academy students seized the remaining time and were sent out by Luoqiu and Nock for training before dawn every day.

Only in the dead of night did they drag their tired bodies back to rest.

The members of the Flaming Red Squad, who were treated by Shen Yanxiao with a free-range policy, looked at the exhausted figures of the Royal Academy students with sad eyes all the time.

“I want to train…”

“I want to be trained until I collapse…”

“Boss, come and abuse us…”


“Please abuse me, please ravish me…”

“Its been a long time since Ive experienced the comfort of physical exhaustion…”

After a day of training, the students of the Royal Academy dragged their numb bodies back to the inn.

As soon as they returned, they saw the members of the Flaming Red Squad, standing in rows by the window, talking to them about those desires.

It almost made them go mad.


Did those bastards come here to taunt them

Did you want to see how tired they were

One by one, they leisurely leaned against the window and activated their taunting skills!

Holy smokes!

There was actually a bastard eating snacks!

Could you not mock me like that

The Royal Academy students were furious.

God knew, after being trained for several days in a row, their bones began to tremble.

Not to mention rushing up to fight with the Flaming Red Squad, they were willing to climb up the building to beat them up…

They had been exhausted to such an extent, but in the end, their opponents were leisurely eating and drinking and even formed a group outing to taunt them.

If you have the guts, go and train!

Dont hurl anymore mental abusive words! Where was the integrity of an undead

Faced with the Royal Academys furious gaze, the members of the Flaming Red Squad expressed their innocence.

They were not trying to taunt them.

They were really envious and jealous.

Look at their mentor, seizing every minute and second to train his students to death.

But what about them

The thought of Shen Yanxiao telling them to eat and drink freely in Hidden Dream City three times a day, sweeping through one hotel after another, and fighting their way through one shop after another, made them feel extremely stifled.

Their days were so leisurely that it simply made people lose their will to fight!

Boss, you cant corrupt us too much!

The students of the Royal Academy were in hell, envying the Flaming Red Squad lying in heaven.

Meanwhile, the Flaming Red Squad envied the Royal Academys abyss of suffering…

The two teams prepared for battle in different ways.

After the end of the top eight round, Nock ran to the Royal Academy team to make their presence known in front of the Undead Lord.

When he learned that the Ancestor of the Undead was interested in the Flaming Red Squad, he worked even harder to promote his students.

During this period, the task of training the Royal Academy students was handed over to Luoqiu.

Luoqiu compressed almost all the crazy training methods he could think of into these five days.

Even the Royal Academy students who had experienced hundreds of battles could not take it.

Have you ever tried training like a dog

Have you ever experienced the thrill of having all your bones broken

Have you ever experienced the comfort of climbing into bed with your four limbs every day

As long as one joined their team, they could experience unprecedented excitement!

What are you waiting for!

Come and participate!

The students of the Royal Academy could no longer remember how they climbed into their beds and entered dreamland.

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