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Chapter 2043: Shameless Team (5)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

“Whats that” The spectators in the venue looked at the actions of the Flaming Red Squad in surprise.

Some of the spectators closest to the venue suddenly stood up and picked up the sandbags thrown by the Flaming Red Squad from the edge.

The weight in their hands stunned the audience.

Each bag weighed at least 20 kilograms, and there were at least four such sandbags on every member of the Flaming Red Squad!

This also meant that since they participated in the competition, each of their members was carrying at least 100 kilograms of weight!!

For a moment, the whole venue was noisy because of this discovery.


Just now, the speed that several members of the Flaming Red Squad had displayed under the formation of the Specter College had already left these adult undeads in the dust.

And they were still able to reach this speed when they were carrying a heavy load!

At this moment, if they were to remove all these weights, how fast could they be

“I didnt expect to reveal my strength at this time.” Shile looked at the noisy venue with a wry smile.

From the start of the selection competition, they had made up their minds that if they did not encounter a troublesome opponent, they would never take off their weights.

They originally intended to reveal their true strength in the finals, but the change in the rules forced them to reveal their strength in advance.

“If we are exposed, so be it.

Boss will not want any harm to come to us.” Zhanyes face was full of determination.

After interacting with Shen Yanxiao, he was well aware that this mentor who was usually elusive was actually very concerned about each and every one of their members.

If any of them were to die in the fight, it would absolutely make Shen Yanxiao sad.

That was the last thing they wanted to see!

For their own safety and so that Shen Yanxiao would not be disappointed, they chose to fight with all their might.

The fighting spirit of the Flaming Red Squad had reached a peak.

On the other hand, when the students of Specter College saw the Flaming Red Squad taking off their weights one after another, their hearts completely fell to the bottom of the cliff.

The continuous consumption had drained their death energy dry, but the other party had been preserving their strength.

Right now, they were in a state of exhaustion after exhausting a large amount of death energy, but the other party wanted to display a stronger fighting strength!

How were they supposed to fight this match

The students of Specter College wanted to cry.

“Go!” Zhanye raised his arm, and the members of the Flaming Red Squad came out in full swing, directly pouncing on the students of Specter College.

After they unloaded their weights, their speed increased by a notch.

They were so fast that the students of Specter College could not react at all.

The circular formation that Specter College was so proud of was torn apart by the sharp blades of the Flaming Red Squad in a minute.

The two teams entered a real melee battle!

The close combat fight made the students of Specter College complain incessantly.

They never thought that the Flaming Red Squad, a group that seemed indecent, would be so savage in battle!

Every move was aimed at their vital parts.

As long as they were hit, their internal organs would be in extreme pain.

It was impossible to get up again.

The students of Specter College were about to roar.

Where was the promised harmony

Friendship first, competition second!

F*ck, youre so ruthless.

I really dont have any grudge against you for killing my father!

Shile broke an opponents arm with one hand and lifted his foot to kick him away.

He was completely different from the unreliable teenager who wanted harmony.

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