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Chapter 2035: The Undead Lord (4)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

The top eight matches were no longer important to Shen Yanxiao.

She thought that the Undead Lord arranging the final winner of the competition to Mingyes side showed that he cared very much about his son, but what she saw today was completely different.

The attitude of the Undead Lord towards Mingye was indifferent as though he was treating a stranger.

There was no conversation, no care from his eyes.

Even though Mingyes attitude towards him was so humble and well-behaved, it did not earn him a glance from his eyes.

It seemed difficult to change the opinion of the Undead Lord through Mingye.

“Taotie, is there any devil aura on the Undead Lord” Shen Yanxiao did not find any suspicious figures other than the father and son in the main grandstand.


“I dont know… His aura is too strong.

Even if he had it, it would be directly covered by his own aura.

Unless Satan deliberately left his power on the Undead Lord, I would not be able to detect it.

If Lord Xiu were here… he should be able to sense it.” Taotie felt somewhat helpless.

Although he had been promoted to a holy beast, he still did not have the ability to fight against a superior god.

The strength of the Undead Lord belonged to the level of superior gods.

Thus, Taotie could not detect it at such a long distance.

If he were not careful, he would be discovered by the Undead Lord, so he was acting somewhat restrained.

“How strong is he” Shen Yanxiao was slightly surprised.

For Taotie to say such words, the strength of the Undead Lord must not be weak.

It did make sense after all.

How could a guy who could transfer nearly a million undeads to the Howling Abyss from such a long distance be weak

“Lord Xiu, Satan, Mini Dragons father… Other than these three, I cant find a fourth one that is stronger than him, not even the Elf King.

The Dragon God… is also a little bit weaker.

After all, the soul and body of the Dragon God have not really fused together.” Taotie tried hard to analyze.

“…” Shen Yanxiao was really shocked by Taoties analysis.

She knew that the Undead Lord was strong, but she did not expect him to be this strong.

Even the Elf King and the current Dragon God could not surpass him!

If the undeads and the devils were to form an alliance, then they would have to face two difficult opponents.

Last time, the summoning of the Wings of Death almost exhausted Shen Yanxiao to death.

If it were not for the cry of Mini Dragon that awakened the Wings of Death, Shen Yanxiao would not have been able to summon the king of phantom beasts.

Satan alone was enough to make Xiu go all out, but on Shen Yanxiaos side, there was no second powerful existence that could compete with the Undead Lord.

In any case, they could not let the undeads and the devils form an alliance!

After realizing the strength of the Undead Lord, Shen Yanxiaos conviction became more firm.

Even if the possibility was slim, she had to give it a try!

On the main grandstand, Mingye stood stiffly.

Every movement of the Undead Lord would make him a little nervous.

“Mingye.” A low and magnetic voice sounded behind Mingye.

Mingye trembled and immediately turned around.


“This is the selection competition” The Ancestor of the Undead narrowed his eyes with a trace of impatience on his face.

The battle in the arena made him feel extremely bored.

Mingye held his breath and kept sweating all over.

“Victory is life, defeat is death.

This is what I want to see.” The eyes of the Ancestor of the Undead flickered with absolute coldness.

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