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Chapter 2032: The Undead Lord (1)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

The top eight teams finally gathered at the competition venue to draw lots.

The members of the Flaming Red Squad, as one of the top eight teams, stood orderly in the field, with Zhanye drawing lots for them.

After drawing the lots, Zhanye seemed to have lost his soul as his pair of eyes kept looking around the audience seats.

Early this morning, when they set out, Shen Yanxiao had already told them that she would personally come to watch todays match.

However, this mentor, who did not like to play according to common sense, took the initiative to leave after throwing out such a sentence, causing the Flaming Red Squad to start searching for Shen Yanxiaos figure after entering the venue.



After searching around, they could not find Shen Yanxiao.

They only noticed a few particularly prominent figures in the audience.

For example, Luoqiu, who sat in the front row with a cocky expression, and the extremely ostentatious handsome young man sitting next to him.

At this moment, most of the undeads watching the battle did not pay any attention to the stage at all.

Most of their eyes were on a certain wild and handsome man.

In terms of the aesthetics of undeads, the young mans appearance was too outstanding.

His handsome facial features were impeccable, and his lowered eyes were filled with aggression.

However, a certain handsome young man did not notice the passionate gazes around him.

He had his head lowered as he stared at the large bag of food in his arms and kept stuffing it into his mouth.

“Master, do you want to eat” It was rare for the wild and handsome young man to raise his head.

He held a round steamed bun in his hand and handed it to the unattractive young man sitting beside him.

“Cough, dont call me that.” The unattractive young man who did not have any sense of presence rolled his eyes helplessly and pushed the bun back.

These two undead teenagers with different styles were none other than an unscrupulous mentor who did not want to be discovered by her students, and the contracted magical beast of the said unscrupulous mentor.

After Shen Yanxiao learned that the Undead Lord would appear today, she decided to come and see the strongest existence of the Undead race.

Vermilion Bird vehemently objected to Shen Yanxiaos approach, but in the end, Shen Yanxiao chose to ignore it.

Xiu and the Dragon God originally intended to come together, but the Undead Lord was not an ordinary undead.

According to Xiu, the strength of the Undead Lord was comparable to that of the superior gods.

Xius boundary could confuse all the undeads here, but it was not safe in front of the Undead Lord.

To avoid them from exposing themselves, they could only stay in the inn.

Taoties dark elements were very similar to the death energy of undeads.

As long as he changed his appearance slightly, he could completely disguise himself as an undead.

Even the Ancestor of the Undead would find it difficult to find his existence in a large group of undeads.

Therefore, the heavy responsibility of protecting Shen Yanxiao fell on Taotie.

A young undead was too eye-catching, so Taotie could only change to his adult appearance.

Although his appearance and aura had become that of an undead, his facial features had not changed much.

Such a handsome face among a group of dispirited undead was absolutely a shining star.

Just the way he lowered his head and gnawed on food had attracted the attention of a large number of female undeads.

Countless female undeads frequently winked at the ignorant holy beast, but he only had eyes for food…

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