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The middle-aged man seemed eager to try his hands with the bow, but the kid was the one who saw it first.

No matter how much he liked the bow, he did not have the heart to snatch it from the kid.

“You can go first.” Shen Yanxiao kept a relaxed attitude toward the scene because she felt that the bow was more complicated than one would expect.

Based on what Great Master Duan had said, it seemed like no one would be able to pull the bowstring except for the one fated to be its owner.

She had resonated with the bow earlier that day, so it mush have meant that the bow was destined to be hers.

However, she was also curious to see if there was any truth to Great Master Duans words.

The man looked at Shen Yanxiao gratefully, and he walked toward the shooting range with the bow in his hand.

He raised the bow slowly with one hand and then attempted to pull the bowstring with another.

He held his breath as if he wielded a feathered arrow in his hand, and he was ready to shoot.

The man had a beautiful posture.

Shen Yanxiao recalled the scene where Meng Yiheng pulled a bow at the Lianjin Weapon Shop.

Even though he also had a perfect posture, it paled into insignificance when compared with the middle-aged man in front of her.

At that very moment, the man gathered his concentration and pulled the bowstring lightly with his fingers.

However… the bowstring did not budge at all!

It was as if the bow was made of stone, and it remained stiff.

The stretched taut bowstring formed a straight line, and its body remained unchanged.

The man was shocked, and he tried to exert more force on the bowstring.

It was as if he refused to believe in hearsay and just wanted to draw the bowstring again.

Unfortunately, the bowstring persisted and remained unmoved!

The joy on the middle-aged man faded.

He released his hands helplessly and turned toward Great Master Duan, who rejoiced at his rather shameful actions.

The man did not know whether to laugh or cry at his predicament.

“I cant pull it.”

Shen Yanxiao was shocked too.

Based on the mans posture and actions, one could deduce that he was an experienced archer.

At least, he was better than the Saint Laurent Academys top student in the Archer Division, Meng Yiheng.

However, how could such a great archer not manage to draw the bow

Did that mean there was truth in what Great Master Duan had said

Was there truly such a weapon in the world

“Only a single person in the world could use a Spirit Weapon, and it would only serve one master in its lifetime.

Even though this bow is incomplete, there are still traces of a Spirit Weapon in it.

Youre a pretty lucky kid,” Xius voice was still as chilly as before, but she could detect a hint of satisfaction in his tone.

A Spirit Weapon…

Shen Yanxiao gulped at the information.

That bow felt like an extremely powerful weapon!

“Hmm… It is as I expected.

I knew you were not fated to be the one!” The middle-aged mans failure did not surprise Great Master Duan.

He took a puff of smoke and pointed his cigarette at Shen Yanxiao.

“Hey, kid, you can give it a try now.

If you cant pull the bowstring, Im not selling it to you.”

Shen Yanxiao touched her nose lightly and made her way toward the shooting range.

She took the bow from the middle-aged man, and she copied his posture as she raised the bow.

The middle-aged man and Great Master Duan frowned when they saw her posture.

The kid looked like a beginner who had never touched a bow before.

Even though her posture resembled the middle-aged mans, it was still quite awkward.

Could a person like the kid draw the bow

The middle-aged man and Great Master Duan did not quite believe that Shen Yanxiao would succeed at the task.

While both of them lowered their expectations of Shen Yanxiao, she gathered her focus and then exerted a slight force on her right hand that held the bowstring.

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