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Chapter 1996: Enemies on a Narrow Road (9)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

The two undead teenagers fell to the ground, and Fenglings cry of surprise attracted the attention of all the students.

All the Royal Academy students stopped what they were doing and looked at the human child standing in place in shock.

“A human” They looked at the pink and tender Taotie in surprise.

The expressions of all the members of the Flaming Red Squad turned extremely ugly.

“You are hiding a human!” Fengling stood up from the ground and stared at Zhanye in disbelief.

Zhanye secretly gritted his teeth and did not respond.

“Kill him! The Howling Abyss does not allow other races to live!” Fengling narrowed his eyes and said.

“This is none of your business,” Zhanye angrily said.

It was their mistake for not hiding the little guy well.

These Royal Academy students were stronger than any undeads of the same age they had encountered before.

“What if I insist on interfering” Fengling sneered.

He then turned to his companions and said, “We will change our target and kill that human brat.”

The Howling Abyss did not need the existence of other races.

Even if there were, they had to die and become their own kind in order to have the right to survive here!

“How dare you!” Zhanye growled.

The development of the situation was just as he expected.

No surprise, these stubborn guys from the Royal Academy wanted to kill the little fellow!

“What You want to protect him Ridiculous.

Do you really think trash like you can stop us” Fenglings face showed a cruel smile.

“If you have the ability, you can give it a try.” Zhanye half-squinted his eyes.

For the past few days, the little guy had been staying with them.

He was very well-behaved and never made a fuss.

Every day, he just ate with his head down.

Looking at his lovely and harmless appearance, the members of the Flaming Red Squad almost regarded him as the hidden mascot of their squad.

Every day, they carefully avoided the search of Mentor Yan Di and fed the little foodie every day.

This could be said to be the most interesting part of the time they had spent here.

What human What undead As long as they got along, what was wrong with it

Why must they kill the other party!

Zhanye clenched his fist and formed a battle formation with all the members of the Flaming Red Squad.

Just as a fight was about to start again, two figures appeared in the forest.

“Luoqiu, are they students of Deathfire Academy” An old voice sounded.

Accompanied by this voice, a white-bearded old man walked over, his deep eyes sweeping over the members of the Flaming Red Squad.

Luoqiu followed the old man.

After seeing some familiar faces in the Flaming Red Squad, a trace of surprise flashed in his eyes, but he soon recovered his calm and cautiously said to the old man, “Yes.”

“Fengling, what are you doing here” The old man looked at his students.

His calm tone made people feel an invisible pressure.

“Mentor Nock!” After seeing the old man, the students of the Royal Academy immediately curbed their arrogance and stood aside with their heads slightly lowered.

“Mentor… Luoqiu” The members of the Flaming Red Squad recognized Luoqiu at a glance.

To their great surprise, there was also a dark golden badge of the Royal Academy hanging on his chest.

Luoqiu frowned slightly and did not respond.

“Luoqiu, do you know them” Nock asked.

“Yes, Master Nock.

They are the students of Yan Di.” The moment Luoqiu mentioned Yan Dis name, a trace of hatred flashed past his eyes.

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