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Chapter 1995: Enemies on a Narrow Road (8)Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

The Royal Academy students were the most stubborn group of people.

Once they knew that the little fellow was a human, they would mercilessly kill him and resurrect him as an undead.

But this was not what the members of the Flaming Red Squad wanted to see.

“There are no undead creatures here.

Please leave.” Zhanye stepped forward and stood in front of Fengling.

The members of the Flaming Red Squad behind him also gathered together to form a meat wall, firmly blocking the little fellow behind him.

Fengling narrowed his eyes.

A group of Royal Academy students also gathered behind him, and the smell of gunpowder on both sides was strong.

“Since you dont want to, we can only use force.” Fengling sneered.

The battle was on the verge of breaking out.

Fengling was the first to take action.

Death energy condensed in his palm, and he bombarded Zhanye at a very fast speed.

Zhanye nimbly dodged and pounced on Fengling in a flash.

The members of the Flaming Red Squad and the Royal Academy students instantly fought.

Just as Shen Yanxiao had calculated, the strength of the Royal Academy students was far above that of Nakens group.

The Flaming Red Squad had no problem dealing with Nakens group, but it was very difficult to deal with such an elite team.

The Royal Academy students attacked them at a much faster pace than Nakens group.

If the Flaming Red Squad had not strengthened their training during this period, they would have already been defeated.

Even so, they were at a disadvantage.

The dense death energy attacks fell like rain.

The members of the Flaming Red Squad had to increase their speed to the extreme to barely avoid the dense bombardment of attacks.

Fengling and others showed no mercy at all, trying to break a gap in the Flaming Red Squad with death energy.

Their target was Taotie, who was blocked by the Flaming Red Squad!

Taotie, who was protected by the members of the Flaming Red Squad, had a tangled expression on his face.

It was not a good situation for him to watch his masters unruly children getting beaten up by another group of unruly children.

Take action Or not

That was a predicament.

Taotie had been repeatedly ordered by Shen Yanxiao not to reveal his magical beast identity in front of the members of the Flaming Red Squad, but the current situation was not optimistic.

The Flaming Red Squad had been beaten back by the Royal Academy students.

Seeing that the front line was about to collapse, was he going to watch Zhanye and others get beaten up in front of him

With his masters protective nature, what else could he do

Taotie was at a loss.

It would go against Shen Yanxiaos instructions to expose his identity the moment he attacked.

But if he did not take action, he would have to watch the Flaming Red Squad get beaten up, and his master would definitely explode.

Either way, it was a tragedy…

Taoties little brain that only wanted to eat all day long was obviously not processing fast enough at this moment.

Just as Taotie was hesitating about whether to take action or not, Fengling had actually forced Zhanye to retreat and forced his way into the encirclement of the Flaming Red Squad.

Two fires blasted away the two members of the Flaming Red Squad in front of Taotie, completely exposing him to his eyes.

The moment Fengling saw Taotie, a trace of shock suddenly appeared on his delicate face.

Fair white skin, amber eyes, and an aura that seemed to be filled with life force!

This was definitely not an undead!

“Humans!” Fengling opened his mouth in disbelief.

When Zhanye saw that Taotie was exposed, he kicked away the students of the Royal Academy on one side, jumped, and fiercely pounced on Fengling from behind, directly knocking Fengling aside.

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