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In the dead of the night, the teenagers who had been traveling all day finally entered their dreams.

The little foodie was arranged by Shile and Zhanye to stay in their two tents.

After Shile and Zhanye fell asleep, the little foodie, who had been snoring, suddenly opened his eyes.

His small body turned into a mist in the darkness and floated out of the tent to another tent in the camp.

In the tent, Shen Yanxiao was reading the book in her hand with the help of a light crystal when she sensed a familiar aura.

She looked up and saw the black mist condensing into a human in front of her.

The moment Taotie saw Shen Yanxiao, he threw himself into her arms for comfort.

From the moment Shen Yanxiao prepared to bring the Flaming Red Squad to the Forest of Death, she had already made a plan.

Instead of brainwashing them verbally, it was better to let these teenagers contact other races in person and let them slowly discover that undeads and other races could also develop in harmony.

So for this plan, what Shen Yanxiao needed most was… someone other than an undead!

Thus, Taotie in her body had been targeted by her.

The dark aura in Taoties body was essentially similar to death energy.

Coupled with the fact that his strength far exceeded these teenagers, as long as he deliberately concealed his aura, Zhanye and others would never discover his abnormality.

If Taotie were to transform into a human child and accidentally enter the camp…

Everything that happened next would be logical.

Even though Taoties beast form was slightly savage, when he was in his human form, he was extremely adorable.

Otherwise, Shen Yanxiao would not have pampered him to the skies.

In the face of such a soft and adorable little fellow, it must be easier for those undead teenagers to let down their guard and come into contact with humans in another way.

The effect of this plan was better than Shen Yanxiao had expected.

Taotie was just behind Zhanye and others.

How could Shen Yanxiao not know

However, she did not expect that these undead teenagers would choose to protect a human child in the first instant.

“Its been hard on you.

Did they say anything” Shen Yanxiao rubbed Taoties head.

As a foodie who ate all day long, it was really difficult for Taotie to act.

If it were Vermillion Bird…

He was too familiar with this!

Vermilion Bird had even acted as a bandit, so what else could he not do

Taotie acted cute for a moment.

After Shen Yanxiao threw two fruits at him, he was satisfied and conveyed the words between Zhanye and others to Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao listened quietly with a smile in her eyes.

Sure enough, she was right about these brats.

Although they were still young, they still had an upright heart.

Even undeads had the attitude of respecting the living beings of the world.

From their actions of protecting Taotie, it was not difficult to see that in the minds of the members of the Flaming Red Squad, the human child that Taotie had transformed into had the same right to survive as they did.

They did not take it lightly at all.

“Theres still time.” Shen Yanxiao touched her chin.

“Master, what am I going to do next” Taotie sat on the bed with his legs crossed and looked at Shen Yanxiao eagerly.

“Go back and dont do anything.” Shen Yanxiao said.

“Ah Do I still have to go But… I want to stay by Masters side.

What if you encounter danger” Taotie looked at Shen Yanxiao with grievance.

“Nothing will happen.” Shen Yanxiao touched Taoties little face.

Her plan to brainwash the Flaming Red Squad had been completely formed in her mind.

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