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With the deans permission, Shen Yanxiao immediately released the news to the Flaming Red Squad.

For students who could only stay in school and study hard, being able to train in the outside world was absolutely a good thing that they could not refuse!!!

While shouting “Long live Mentor Yan Di”, they held hands and rushed to the dormitory to pack their bags.

Among the 100 teenagers, there was only joy and no fear.

They did not notice that their Mentor Yan Di had an extremely nasty glint in her eyes.

“Why take them to the Forest of Death” After Shen Yanxiao returned to her room, Taotie hastily ran out.

Deathfire Academy was better than the wilderness.

Why did Shen Yanxiao suddenly want to bring them out

“For brainwashing!” Shen Yanxiao clenched her fist!

Her top priority was to reverse the thoughts of these teenagers in the coming days.

If they continued to stay in Deathfire Academy and stay with other undeads all day long, the effect of her brainwashing would be greatly reduced.

Only by bringing them to the forest far away from the undeads here could Shen Yanxiao rebuild their impression on the other races.

What greatness What selflessness That was all bull**.

Shen Yanxiao just wanted to brainwash these naughty brats!

“Brainwashing” Taotie did not quite understand the word.

He tilted his head and looked at Shen Yanxiao, wondering if he had eaten so little recently that his brain was not working well.

Why could he not understand his masters thoughts more and more

“Taotie, do you think Zhanye and others are bad these days” Shen Yanxiao asked instead of answering.

Taotie shook his head.

He just felt that those brats were a little stupid.

He did not think that they were bad.

“I think the nature of undeads may not be what we think.

If possible, I will try to pull the undeads out of the Devil races camp.” Shen Yanxiao smiled.

Right now, their forces to fight against the Devil race were much weaker than they were ten thousand years ago.

Human beings and various races had suffered heavy losses in the previous war between gods and devils.

There were fewer top experts, and the Hod race they relied on the most had also fallen.

If they could pull the undeads into their own camp, they could weaken the power of the Devil Race and strengthen their own forces.

Why not

Therefore, Shen Yanxiao wanted to shamelessly brainwash those brats first.

“Taotie, you can transform into your human form, right” Shen Yanxiao looked at Taotie with a smile.

Taotie hugged a huge steamed bun and subconsciously shrunk his neck.

Masters gaze was too strange.

“Then theres no problem.” Shen Yanxiao curled her lips and smiled.

Early the next morning, the members of the Flaming Red Squad, who were ready to go, uniformly stood at the gates of Deathfire Academy.

With so many undead teenagers standing here, and with the posture of going on a long journey, it really attracted the attention of many students.

“What is the Flaming Red Squad doing Why are they gathering here so early in the morning instead of training” A curious student stretched out his head to take a look.

“I heard that Mentor Yan Di applied to the dean to take the Flaming Red Squad out for training.

From the looks of it, the dean should have agreed.

They should be preparing to set off.” A well-informed person said.

The group of curious students swallowed their saliva when they heard those words.

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