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Could you not be any more heartbreaking

Shen Yanxiao suddenly imagined that in the next two years or so, she would chop off the head of an undead soldier on the battlefield against the Devil race and look down…

He cut down another one and looked again.

Yo! Isnt this that brat Zhanye

e and quiet!!!

Dont you dare cheat me!

Shen Yanxiao almost spat out blood, but she knew very well that she had no reason to refuse Kehr.

In the face of such great benefits, any other undead would try their best at all costs.

If she refused, she would certainly give herself away.

Unable to avoid it, Shen Yanxiao could only brace herself.

If Kehrs promise was credible, maybe she could find another breakthrough.

The connection between the devils and the undeads must have been recent.

Otherwise, the Undead Lord would not suddenly hold a selection competition.

That was to say, the devil who contacted the undeads should be in the central city where the Undead Lord was located.

If she could sneak in, she might be able to destroy the relationship between the devils and the undead.

Shen Yanxiao touched her chin.

She knew very well that as long as she was recommended to the Undead Lord, she would certainly get better resources and the death energy in her body would accumulate faster.

Then it would not take very long for her to unlock all the seals in her body!

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