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The thick envelope contained a large stack of letters, and every single one of them was filled with words.

“My eyes are playing tricks on me.

The War God actually wants to read a letter written by a human.” The worldview of the Dragon God was refreshed again.

Xiu ignored him.

He wanted to read it because he knew that if Shen Yanxiao were here, she would read it immediately.

In that little girls heart, the ones she could not part with the most were her five little friends in Phantom.

“To the heartless Xiaoxiao and Yang Xi:

You two bastards left just like that.

It has been more than half a year, and there hasnt been any news from you.

I despise you! However, as a great man, I will not hold a grudge against vile characters and let you off for the time being.

You bastards left just like that and left the entire Forsaken Land to me.

Youre simply inhumane.

Ah-Yu and my brother went to the Moon God Continent while that black-bellied profiteer Qi Xia went to the God Realm to train.

Im so lonely and cold! However, I believe that you will achieve something when you return in three years.

This letter was firstly to despise the two bastards who had disappeared without a trace, and secondly to tell you that Ah Yu and my brother had sent a letter back.

Ah Yus body had completely recovered, but after they learned that you had all gone to train, they decided to stay in the Moon God Continent for the time being to improve their abilities.

Oh right, there was one more thing…

I might have to leave the Brilliance Continent for the time being.

Not long ago, a group of special guests came to Sun Never Sets and invited me to their continent to learn swordsmanship.

I have already agreed to their proposal.

And before I leave, I will settle everything in the Forsaken Land.

Three years later, when you return, I will also be back on time.

Do you want to know where I went to learn swordsmanship Hahaha, I will run away with the dwarves! Xiaoxiao, I know that Yang Xi will stay in the Hidden Dragon Continent, but if you go to the continent of the dwarves in the future, you must remember to come and find me.

At that time, I might be able to defeat you…”

This was on the first page of the letter, followed by Tang Nazhis account of the current situation in the Brilliance Continent.

The potential elites sent by the four countries had advanced to a new realm under the leadership of the experts from the Broken Star Palace.

Many demons in the Forsaken Land had also advanced.

Yun Qi and Nangong Mengmeng had taken on the task of teaching Warlocks.

Ye Qing had also accepted many students with pharmaceutical talent.

The Forsaken Land was very stable, so Shen Yanxiao was not worried.

After Xiu quickly read through the letter, an imperceptible smile finally surfaced in his cold eyes.

If that little girl were here, she would be very gratified to read all this.

“Lord Xiu, when are we going to find Master” Vermilion Bird hesitated for a moment before asking cautiously.

Three months had passed and there was still no movement from Xiu.

He was still a little anxious.

“Dragon God.” Xiu suddenly opened his mouth.

“Ah” The Dragon God was stunned.

How did this involve him

“Come with me to the Howling Abyss in a month,” Xiu said.

“Howling Abyss!!!” The Dragon God was thoroughly depressed.

He had been to the Howling Abyss before, but even if he flew at full speed, it would take at least two to three months to fly there… Was the War God trying to kill him

Vermilion Birds eyes immediately lit up.

Xiu had finally decided to go to the Howling Abyss to fetch Shen Yanxiao!

Xiu turned to look at the sea.

Half a year should be enough for Shen Yanxiao to unlock the undead seal.

It was time to find her.

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