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Zhanye wanted to die.

He thought Shile had found out that he liked Shen Yanxiao.

He did not expect it to be such a big mistake.

“Dont disgust me.

How could I like that kind of woman” Zhanye frowned.

His original shyness had disappeared, and his eyes were full of disgust.

Liking Qinxuan She might as well kill him.

“Is it really not Qinxuan” Shile looked at the huge contrast between Zhanyes performance before and after and vaguely felt that he might have guessed wrong.

“No! How can I like a woman who betrayed Mentor Yan Di and even went around saying bad things about her!” Zhanye was in a hurry to explain.

Not to mention that he had no such thoughts about Qinxuan, just his admiration for Shen Yanxiao and the slander Qinxuan had thrown to Shen Yanxiao made him hate her to the extreme.

The fact that he did not deal with her was already a miracle.

“Then I can rest assured.” Shile breathed a sigh of relief and looked at Zhanye with a smile.

“Stinky boy, tell me honestly, who else could it be but Qinxuan There were many girls who came with her that day.

Although they had left our side before, most of them were bewitched by Qinxuan.

Their nature is not bad.

If you like someone, tell us and we will certainly help you.”

As long as it was not Qinxuan, anyone was fine.

“Dont cause trouble.

I know what Im doing.

Right now, I just want to improve myself.

I dont want to think about anything else.” Knowing that Shile had not guessed Shen Yanxiaos identity, Zhanye did not intend to explain himself.

Helping him It would be good enough if these guys did not kill him.

If Mentor Yan Di knew that he had such thoughts about her…

Zhanye didnt dare to think about it.

He didnt have much ambition.

He just wanted to hide his little feelings and look at Shen Yanxiao silently.

Shile tried countless methods to get the name of Zhanyes sweetheart out of his mouth, but failed.

He could only return in defeat.

The members of the Flaming Red Squad thought hard for a long time about Zhanyes sweetheart, but they could not come up with the right answer.

It was not until the next day of class that Shen Yanxiao taught Zhanye and others martial arts that were similar to Tai Chi for the first time.

Because Tai Chi used softness to overcome strength, it was extremely difficult for these undeads to get started.

Shen Yanxiao could only teach them step by step.

She taught a few of them smoothly, but when it came to Zhanye, the situation was different.


“Dont be nervous, relax.” Shen Yanxiao tried to make Zhanye change his movements several times, but the effect was not very good.

Zhanyes comprehension ability was top-notch in the Flaming Red Squad, but for some reason, in the face of Tai Chi, his movements were very stiff.

Look, this brats hands were even trembling.

Shen Yanxiao held Zhanyes trembling wrist and slightly pulled it inward.

Zhanyes heart jumped directly to his throat.

He could clearly feel the temperature of Shen Yanxiaos fingertips touching his skin.

Zhanyes face turned red at an extremely fast speed, and he was so nervous that he could not even speak.

Shen Yanxiao thought that Zhanye was ashamed and resentful because he could not learn Tai Chi.

How could she know that the other party was just shy because of her touch She even kindly said, “Take your time, dont be in a hurry.

You have already done well.

There will always be a bottleneck.

If you break through this bottleneck, you will have better achievements.”

Zhanye pulled a long face.

If Shen Yanxiao stayed so close to him, he would never be able to train well in this life.

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