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The establishment of the Flaming Red Squad completely cut off the thoughts of other students.

Countless students secretly despised the craftiness of Zhanyes group.

While biting their handkerchiefs, they lamented their bad luck.

The primary school teacher in their minds had suddenly become a college teacher.

This contrast made many teenagers regret it so much that their intestines turned green.

If they had known that Shen Yanxiao was so powerful, they would have pounced on her and hugged her thighs.

When Shen Yanxiao started teaching, the dean had allowed them to join her class at any time.

For these students who were not fated with Shen Yanxiao from the start, it was not the most tragic.

The saddest ones were those girls who went to complain to Kehr on the first day and were dragged away.

Some of these girls followed other mentors.

As for Qinxuan, she clung to Luoqius thigh because of Naken.

In the last match, Qinxuan did not participate because she didnt make the cut, and when the result came out, Qinxuan was completely dumbfounded.

At first, she thought that after getting rid of Shen Yanxiao and hugging Luoqiu, she would reach the peak.

Who knew that after only a month, Luoqiu would disappear, and Qinxuan would be assigned to another unknown mentor.

Shen Yanxiao now had a very high reputation, and Qinxuans current mentor could not be compared to Shen Yanxiao at all.

Qinxuan was not used to such ups and downs.

Some of the female students who had left with her gathered together to discuss whether they could return to Shen Yanxiao.

In the end, they decided to talk to Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiaos Flaming Red Squad had a total of forty-seven undead teenagers.

Compared with the other classes, this number was pitifully small.

And with the dean not adding more people to Shen Yanxiaos class, Qinxuan and the other girls minds became active.

In any case, they were under Shen Yanxiao from the start.

It was not impossible for them to return now.


The female students with beautiful fantasies came to the martial arts arena together.

All of them were dressed neatly and stood shyly at the entrance.

The students at the entrance saw them, and some of them who were well-informed recognized Qinxuan.

“Why Do you know her”

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“Not really, but they seemed to have been with Mentor Yan Di before.

But on the first day, they could not stand Mentor Yan Dis teaching and applied to leave with Mentor Kehr.

That one named Qinxuan later joined Mentor Luoqius class.”

The group of teenagers looked at Qinxuan and the others with an obvious attitude of watching a good show.

If this was before the match, everyone would think that Qinxuans choice was right.

But now, the situation was different.

Shen Yanxiaos Flaming Red Squad had beaten Luoqius students into a sorry state.

Luoqiu had also had to leave Deathfire Academy because of the pit he had dug himself.

At this time, they looked at Qinxuan with smiles in their eyes.

They could not help but think of a saying:Every dog has its day.

Qinxuan and the others had messed with Shen Yanxiaos class because of her shallow foundation.

That was why they could act so unbridled.

In addition, after Qinxuan left Shen Yanxiao, she publicized Shen Yanxiaos faults.

It could be said that half of the reason why Shen Yanxiaos reputation in Deathfire Academy was so bad was because of Qinxuan.

For a student who had acted so unbridled before to suddenly come here after Luoqiu left, even a fool could guess why she came.

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