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The students standing outside the martial arts arena all heard Zhanyes words.

One by one, they widened their eyes and bit their sleeves in anger.

Shameless! Too shameless!

Zhanye and this group of bastards actually wanted to bind themselves to Mentor Yan Di!

Didnt this mean that as long as Zhanye and others had not graduated from Deathfire Academy, Mentor Yan Di could not take over other students

Despicable! Too despicable!

Could you give us a way out

Let go of Mentor Yan Di! Let us learn from her!

The students outside the martial arts arena gritted their teeth, but they did not dare to step into the martial arts arena at will because the dean had stipulated that anyone who disturbed the class in the martial arts arena would be dragged into a small dark room to reflect.

Therefore, no matter how aggrieved they were, they could only look on helplessly as Zhanye hooked up with Shen Yanxiao, trying to tie the whole class to her.

“Up to you.” Shen Yanxiao agreed without any hesitation.

Flaming Red Squad… that sounded pretty good.


A brilliant smile appeared on Zhanyes face.

He bowed heavily to Shen Yanxiao and excitedly told the news to his other companions.

For a moment, the teenagers who had just been named the Flaming Red Squad issued a deafening cheer.

Every teenagers face bloomed with a happy smile.

The Flaming Red Squad was satisfied, but the students outside the martial arts arena were already vomiting blood from anger.

In that case, it was practically impossible for them to become Shen Yanxiaos students in a short time!

Shen Yanxiao was bound by the Flaming Red Squad just like that.

And when she casually mentioned this to Kehr, he had a smile on his face.

“Thats good.

I think you treat those students well.

Since youre willing to teach them, Ill tell the dean not to let you teach other students before they graduate.”

Shen Yanxiao was stunned.

She seemed to have sensed some conspiracy.

“What do you mean” If she remembered correctly, Kehr and the others had only asked her to teach the Flaming Red Squad for only half a year.

How did it suddenly become until they graduated

“You dont know” Kehr looked at Shen Yanxiao in surprise.

Shen Yanxiao shook her head.

Kehr laughed and said, “It seems that your students like you very much.” Kehr simply told Shen Yanxiao some of the rules of Deathfire Academy.

Only then did Shen Yanxiao understand that this was the reason why Zhanye came to her so nervously that day.

“If you are unwilling, we will not force you.

In fact, the dean hopes that you can teach more students.” Kehr could see that Shen Yanxiao was unaware of this rule, so he opened his mouth.

“No, this is good.” Shen Yanxiao smiled faintly.

She had already calculated how to teach those naughty brats a good lesson.

Little kid, how dare you scheme against her! Just wait to be whipped to death!

In the next days class, the Flaming Red Squad, from top to bottom, really understood what it meant to seek death.

Shen Yanxiao directly increased the intensity of their training and for a moment, all the teenagers were exhausted.

What was even more tragic was that Shen Yanxiao even whipped them from behind.

That scene was simply unbearable to look at.

The students squatting outside the martial arts arena were dumbstruck as they watched Zhanye and others being whipped everywhere by Shen Yanxiao.

All of them secretly swallowed their saliva.

Mentor Yan Dis teaching method was really…

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