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The shop assistant immediately went to welcome Meng Yiheng and the two young men with a flattering smile when he spotted their presence.

“Welcome Young Master Meng, are you here to purchase a bow”

Meng Yiheng wanted to look at that Mercury Wood Bow, so he nodded at the shop assistants eagerness.

“We just happened to have a Mercury Wood Bow in our shop.

Please, follow me.” The shop assistant wanted to flatter Meng Yiheng, and so he brought him to the bow without even another glance at Shen Yanxiao, who had stood there for quite some time already.

All the businessmen in Black City were profiteers.

Shen Yanxiao wore plain and simple clothing and without any accessories; therefore, she did not look like she was the younger generation of a wealthy family.

As for Meng Yiheng, he was one of the shops usual customers, and he would spend tons of gold whenever he visited them.

Furthermore, he was also a student from the Saint Laurent Academy.

Everyone in Black City knew that the students who attended the academy were extremely rich, and they were quite liberal with their expenditure.

When he compared the two of them, the shop assistant did not even pay the slightest attention to the poor lad.

Since the kid had been standing there for quite some time, the assistant reckoned that he had no money for any of the weapons there.

Meng Yihengs eyes brightened when he saw the Mercury Wood Bow on the rack.

Even though he had pretty good bows before, none of them would be comparable to the one in front of him then.

The two high-grade magical cores on it were quite the extravagant, and Meng Yiheng was very tempted to get it.

However, he also noticed Shen Yanxiaos presence on the side.

The moment he reached the second floor, he saw the little guy there, and it was clear that he was also interested in that bow.

When he appraised his opponent, Meng Yiheng looked at him in disdain.

How could a poor kid like him afford such an expensive weapon

“This bow is indeed one of the highest-grade weapons!” Wan Li and the other young man gawked when they saw the Mercury Wood Bow on the rack.

Then they saw its price tag.

Over a million gold coins for it!

Both of them immediately gulped.

Even though they were from wealthy families, it was still an excessive amount of gold coins that they could not afford.

With their financial constraints, they could only purchase ten to twenty of the luxurious bows in the shops.

It was impossible for them to spend a million gold coins in one go.

There were probably only a few students in the entire Saint Laurent Academy who could spend so much on an expensive weapon.

When Meng Yiheng saw the price tag, he frowned.

Even though his family was wealthy, it was still hard for him to fork out so many gold coins in one go.

However, a great bow such as that was pretty rare, and so it was a pity if he were to let it go.

When the shop assistant saw Meng Yihengs hesitation, he immediately said, “Young Master Meng, this bow comes with an impressive background.

Not only was it forged with mercury wood, but it was also embedded with two magical cores from eighth-ranked vine magical beasts.

This bow was also personally forged by Great Master Duan, and thats why its a little more expensive.

But I believe that if you were to purchase this bow, you would see that the bow is really worth the asking price.”

Meng Yiheng was amazed by what he had heard.

The information about the mercury wood and the eighth-ranked magical cores made him gasp in astonishment.

However, it blew his mind when the shop assistant mentioned that Great Master Duan had personally forged the bow.

The forging of the highest-grade weapon would not only require superior materials and precious magical cores, but it also required an extremely skilled forger.

The weapon would be more powerful, the higher the proficiency level of the forger.

There were only two to three forgers in the entire Longxuan Empire who had attained the level of a Great Master, and the Great Master Duan that the shop assistant mentioned was one of them.

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