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Luoqiu, who was in the spectators seat, stood up almost in an instant.

He looked at Zhanye and the others on the field in disbelief.

He could not believe his eyes!

The steps and movements of Zhanye and others were very similar to Shen Yanxiao on that day.

That day, Shen Yanxiao suddenly approached him at the speed of a ghost and almost injured him!

“How is that possible…” Luoqiu was sure that Shen Yanxiaos students were all trash that he had eliminated in the beginning.

He had tested them and after confirming that they had no potential or talent, he chased them out.

With their talents, how could they have improved so much in such a short time

What was even more terrifying was that not only were they astonishingly fast, but even their dodging posture was perfect.

There were exactly 47 copies of Shen Yanxiao!

Even though Zhanye and the others were not as fast as Shen Yanxiao, they were not facing the battle-hardened Luoqiu, but Nakens group of students who had little combat experience!

With their current speed and skills, it was enough to deal with them.

Luoqius face became very ugly.

In such a situation, Naken and others could not launch an effective attack at all.


During this period of time, in order for Naken and the others to make Shen Yanxiao look bad in the match, Luoqiu had been teaching them to use an explosive spell with great lethality.

As long as it hit the target, it could make them lose their fighting strength and become toys at their mercy.

However, there was a drawback to this explosive spell.

That was the casting speed!

They needed to condense a certain amount of death energy before they could erupt.

However, the current situation in the martial arts arena did not give them any time to condense their death energy!

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Shen Yanxiaos students were like ghosts, all moving close to Naken and others.

Even if Naken and others forced them away with minor spells, they would soon stick to them again, not giving them any chance at all.

Minor spells could not hurt the other party, and major spells took a lot of time to condense.

Naken and the others were suddenly in a passive position.

Luoqiu clenched his fists.

From the beginning of the match, the whole development of the situation had exceeded his expectations.

Naken and others had been countered by the speed of Zhanyes group.

If they wanted to turn the tables, they must find a way to use a large-scale spell!

Luoqiu was burning with anxiety, but the surrounding students were already dumbstruck.

This match that they originally thought had no suspense at all had unexpectedly evolved into such an intense and unimaginable fight!

The seemingly powerful Naken and others had become the passive side.

This was simply a joke!

Many students subconsciously rubbed their eyes, wondering if they were dreaming.

How could the two sides fight like that

This world was too crazy!

Many students stood up from their chairs.

They did not want to miss a single scene.

Zhanye and the others were very fast.

If they were not careful, they would miss an exciting moment.

Unknowingly, the students who were originally supporting Naken began to waver.

Compared to a one-sided battle, such an intense battle made their blood boil!

What was more exciting than this

Let the storm come harder!

The students, who were already dumbstruck, began to concentrate on the movements of Zhanye and the others.

“F*ck! When did those guys become so savage!”

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