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Zhanye frowned slightly and looked at the mocking Naken.

Then he looked away and did not respond.

Naken sneered and said, “I was wondering how capable your mentor was to dare to make such a bet with Mentor Luoqiu.

Now it seems that she is also a braggart.

After I beat you pieces of trash to the ground, I will see your mentor away from Deathfire Academy.”

Zhanye, who had chosen to remain silent, suddenly raised his head after Naken said this, and his sharp eyes directly swept over the arrogant Naken.

“Naken, I will defeat you.

I will make you kneel on the ground and apologize to Mentor Yan Di!” He could endure the insults directed towards him, but he would never allow anyone to insult Shen Yanxiao!

“Ha Did I hear you wrong A loser like you wants to defeat me Zhanye, youre getting bolder and bolder.” A hideous smile appeared on Nakens face.

He turned to his companions and said, “None of you are to touch this guy.

Leave him to me.

I will personally remove the bones from his body.”

“Thats exactly what I wanted to say.” Zhanye straightened his back and looked back at Naken without fear.

They stood here not only to fight for themselves, but also for their mentor.

The group of good-for-nothings who had been abandoned by other mentors had already fallen to the bottom of despair.

It was Shen Yanxiao who pulled them out of the mud of despair bit by bit.

A scholar would die for his bosom friend!

Even if they were to die in battle, they would not disgrace their mentors reputation!


“Very well, Zhanye.

You have one more reason to die.” Naken gnashed his teeth and looked at Zhanye, his fists cracking.

The match had yet to officially begin, but the friction between the two sides had already started.

There was the possibility of a fight at any time.

A seemingly friendly match would turn into a real life-and-death battle.

A minute before the bell rang, the students on Zhanyes side suddenly moved.

They collectively took ten steps back and walked to the edge of the venue.

Their actions shocked the spectators in the arena.

“Are they not going to fight” The spectating students were a little dumbfounded.

Just a moment ago, they were still looking at the two sides as if they wanted to start a fight immediately, but why did Zhanyes team suddenly retreat in unison

This rhythm was not right!

However, what they saw next completely overturned their conjecture.

Zhanye and forty-seven other students quietly took down the sandbags tied to their limbs at the edge of the arena.

Heavy sandbags were thrown on the ground one after another, raising a cloud of dust.

“Whats that” The students in the stands widened their eyes.

They had no idea what was going on.

They could only watch Zhanye and others take down the heavy sandbags one by one, move their hands and feet casually, and walk toward the center of the arena.

“Did they bring sandbags with them” A sharp-eyed student discovered what those items were.

In a trance, they finally understood why Zhanye and others seemed to be moving slowly when they entered the arena.

It was not because they were weak, but because each of them had at least four sandbags on their bodies!

Just by looking at the size of those sandbags, the students in the stands could estimate the approximate weight.

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