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Iry, who had been silent, frowned slightly and glanced at the noisy teenagers.

“Ignore them.” Iry withdrew his gaze and looked at Naken and the other students who had just entered the venue.

Iry was older than Naken and Zhanye.

Before Naken and Zhanye entered Deathfire Academy, Iry had been studying here for a long time.

Because he was the deans grandson, his status in Deathfire Academy was somewhat special.

Even the arrogant Naken dared not mess around in front of him.

Today, he and his companions came to the martial arts arena to see if Shen Yanxiao could fight back.

The students who came with him were all the undead teenagers who were saved by Shen Yanxiao from the Mole Beast in the Forest of Death that day.

This group of teenagers originally looked down on Shen Yanxiao, a low-level undead.

But after they came back and learned from their mentor how dangerous a Mole Beast was, they realized that Shen Yanxiao had really saved their lives.

As a result, they had a favorable impression of this low-level undead who had saved their lives, so they rushed over with Iry.

“But…” The expressions of the undead teenagers were somewhat ugly.

Their attitude towards Shen Yanxiao at the beginning had always made them feel very guilty.

It could be said that their group of students was one of the few who knew Shen Yanxiaos real strength.

To be able to deal with a high-level undead creature alone without suffering any damage, her fighting strength was beyond their reach.

Ever since Shen Yanxiao entered Deathfire Academy, they had been hearing all kinds of negative news about her.

There were many times when they wanted to come forward and clarify everything, but they were all suppressed by Iry.

Irys reason was very simple.

For those idiots who had not seen Shen Yanxiao with their own eyes, it was meaningless no matter how much they explained.

“Naken is improving very fast.

Mentor Luoqiu really cares about him.” Iry was unwilling to continue this topic and directly turned his attention to Naken.

He knew more about Shen Yanxiaos situation than his other companions.

He learned about Shen Yanxiaos situation from his grandfather, the dean of Deathfire Academy.

Iry, who had always been calm and wise, soon understood his grandfathers intentions.

No amount of explanation could prove anything.

Only strength could prove everything.

“So what if his progress is fast Naken has a terrible temper.

All day long, he has an arrogant expression.

Now that hes hugging Mentor Luoqius thigh, hes even more arrogant.

Even when he sees us seniors, he has a superior appearance.

Just looking at him makes me angry.” Irys companion did not like Naken.

Iry shrugged his shoulders and said nothing more.

Nakens character was not important.

What was important was that Nakens progress in the past month had far exceeded his speed a month ago.

In this case, could Shen Yanxiaos students still win

He did not want Shen Yanxiao to lose the bet and leave Deathfire Academy.

For Deathfire Academy, Shen Yanxiaos physical skills were very valuable.

Just as Iry was worried about Shen Yanxiao, the undead teenager, who had just despised Nakens arrogance, suddenly found a group of students at the entrance.

He immediately pulled on Irys sleeve and said excitedly, “Theyre here! Mentor Yan Di and her students are here!”

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