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Everyone in Deathfire Academy was discussing this huge disparity in the match.

During this period, Luoqiu increased the amount of training for his students.

Many other students ran outside Luoqius classroom to watch the fun.

When they saw Luoqius exciting classes, all the onlookers felt that Shen Yanxiao had no chance of winning.

Luoqius ordinary classes were already much better than that of other mentors, not to mention now.

Many students were curious about Shen Yanxiaos classes.

However, the entire martial arts arena was sealed off, and not even a fly could fly in.

They could only stand outside the closed door and listen in.

In fact, everyone felt that no matter how intense Shen Yanxiaos classes were, it was absolutely impossible for her to win the bet in a month.

A month was just too short for them.

Even if they wanted to be reborn from the ashes, it would not be so fast.

In the martial arts arena, all the students were sprawled on the ground, motionless like dead dogs.

This was only the second day of their closed-door training session, but they felt as though a year had passed.

If Shen Yanxiaos previous classes could be described as cruel, then everything in the past two days could only be described as insane.

By noon, all the teenagers felt that they did not even have the strength to move their fingers.

Each of them had a ten-kilogram sandbag wrapped around their hands and feet.

The weight of 40 kilograms made it difficult for them to even move.

However, how could their training regiment be as simple as walking

They could no longer remember how many laps they had been forced to run around the arena.

Moreover, while they ran, the whip in Shen Yanxiaos hand would whip them mercilessly.

The whip that Shen Yanxiao was holding right now was not a replica copied by Yang Xi.

She had obtained it from Kehr yesterday.

Not only was it extremely tough, but there were also many barbs on the whip.

If one were to be whipped by this whip, their skin and flesh would be flayed off.

What was even more bitter was that as high-level undeads, their superficial wounds recovered at an astonishing speed.

The bone-deep wounds that had been inflicted on them a second ago began to heal the next second.

They did not have the ability to play dead.

For the past two days, it was as if they were living in hell.

Other than eating and sleeping, they spent all their time training.

Even when they were eating and sleeping, they could not take off the forty kilograms of sandbags tied to their limbs.

While carrying a bowl, there were two sandbags weighing 10 kilograms tied to their wrists.

This was absolutely forcing them to their death.

However, in the face of such high-intensity training, there was still no one who begged for mercy, let alone withdraw from the class.

All the teenagers seemed to have been injected with chicken blood as they buried themselves in training.

Even though their hands and feet were trembling, no one would stop before the training ended.

Shen Yanxiao sat on a chair and crossed her legs as she looked at the group of exhausted teenagers.

In terms of physical fitness, these teenagers could only be regarded as average.

If it were not for the foundation they had built in the previous month, she estimated that they would not have been able to last for two days.

These teenagers had overdrawn their physical strength and were now relying on their own willpower to support them to move forward.

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