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The bet between the two mentors had begun to spread in Deathfire Academy.

From the teachers to the students, everyone was excited about the match.

Everyone was saying that Yan Di was an idiot who did not know the immensity of heaven and earth.

How dare she challenge Luoqiu

The public opinion of the whole Deathfire Academy was leaning towards Luoqiu.

On the other side, Shen Yanxiao brought her students back to the martial arts arena.

None of the forty plus students dared to speak as they stood in the martial arts arena with their heads lowered.

The atmosphere in the martial arts arena was so oppressive that it was almost suffocating.

“Take Zhanye and Shile to rest first.

Give them these bottles of potions to drink.” Shen Yanxiao did not say much.

Her attitude was no different from before.

She just took a few bottles of potions and handed them to the students.

Seeing that it was about time, Shen Yanxiao casually said a few words and left the martial arts arena.

Shen Yanxiao returned to her room as if nothing had happened.

Even Taotie could not understand his masters thoughts.

He ran out with jolting buttocks and sat on the bed with his two short legs crossed, blinking his eyes at Shen Yanxiao.

“Master, I dont think your students have a stronger death energy level than those little bastards.” When Taotie was in Shen Yanxiaos body, he could feel the death energy levels of the undeads around her.

Of the dozens of students under Shen Yanxiao, none had a particularly strong death energy.

The one with the strongest death energy should be Zhanye.

But at Luoqius place, Taotie noticed that any random student could have a death energy level comparable to Zhanye.

Especially that little bastard named Naken.

His death energy was much purer than that of ordinary undead teenagers.

It would take three Zhanye combined to be comparable to Nakens death energy level.

The disparity between the two classes was not optimistic.

“Death energy level does not represent everything.

There are many people in the Brilliance Continent who are stronger than me in magic.

Qi Xia is stronger than me in magic, and Tang Nazhi and Yang Xis battle aura is purer than mine.

However, I can still abuse them.” Shen Yanxiao shrugged her shoulders.

She knew her students very well.

Taotie pursed his lips and looked at Shen Yanxiao with a tangled expression.

Shen Yanxiao could be said to not be the best in any field.

Her magic was not the strongest, her battle aura was not the purest, and she was not among the top few elves.

There were many dragons that were more ruthless than her, but even so, she was an incomparably strange existence.

Her combat methods and integration with various forces could allow her to defeat all opponents stronger than her.

However, not everyone was like Shen Yanxiao who could defeat the strong while being weak.

Not everyone could combine all their skills perfectly like her.

There was only one Shen Yanxiao in the world that could not be copied.

“They are not masters.” Taotie struggled for a long time before he could squeeze out such a sentence.

As a foodie, his thinking ability was not outstanding.

If it were Vermillion Bird, he would probably roll his eyes at Shen Yanxiao.

Taotie was still too pure.

“But they are my students.” Shen Yanxiao revealed a confident smile.

She had confidence in Zhanye and others.

“Master likes them very much” Taotie tilted his head and looked at Shen Yanxiao.

He found that Shen Yanxiaos attitude towards those undead teenagers had changed slightly during this period of time.

At first, she ignored them, but then she changed after seeing them standing up bravely because she had been insulted by their peers.

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