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Early in the morning the next day, Kehr sent someone to deliver a teachers uniform of Deathfire Academy.

Shen Yanxiao had a petite figure.

Although Kehr had asked someone to get the smallest size for Shen Yanxiao, it was still a little big on her.

After getting dressed, Shen Yanxiao went to the lecture venue in the afternoon.

It was a small martial arts arena.

Shen Yanxiao was going to teach about fifty students in the first batch.

The students came to the martial arts arena early in the morning and whispered to each other in groups.

“I heard that our mentor today is a low-level undead,” An undead teenager gathered around his companion and said.

“It cant be true, right Is the dean crazy to find a low-level undead as a mentor and teach us” Another undead teenager looked surprised.

There was no resurrected undead in the whole Deathfire Academy.

Although Deathfire Academy had a branch to teach resurrected undeads, there were very few students there, and the ones teaching them were all high-level undeads.

No school in the whole Howling Abyss would make a low-level undead a mentor, not to mention Deathfire Academy.

“It is said that the low-level undead was recommended by Mentor Kehr.

I wonder what her background is.”

“Mentor Kehr Could it be that he was resurrected by Mentor Kehr Even so, she is still a resurrected undead.”

“What a joke.

Finding a low-level undead to teach us purebred undead, what will she teach us Physical arts God knows what this is.”

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“Forget it.

Just treat it as watching a show.

Its not like you dont know that those low-level undeads dont even dare to raise their heads when they see us.

Its probably not bad if the mentor doesnt wet her pants in fear when she sees us.”

A group of undead teenagers waited in the martial arts arena with the mentality of watching a good show.

They did not believe that a low-level undead was qualified to teach them at all.

As the first batch of students to receive physical skills lessons, they all thought that they were here to watch that strange mentor.

No one really wanted to learn anything.

A moment later, a group of students lazily chatted on one side.

A petite figure walked in from the entrance of the martial arts arena.

All the students looked at the entrance at the same time.

It was an extremely petite low-level undead.

Her black tight-fitting clothes seemed too wide on her body, and her rolled-up sleeves revealed a pair of slender wrists that looked very tempting to grasp.

There were a pair of clear and steady eyes on her small gray face.

She was not tall.

Every student present was a head taller than her.

Such a petite low-level undead appearing among a group of purebred undead teenagers seemed particularly abrupt.

Pairs of eyes stared fixedly at that figure.

There was curiosity, mockery, contempt, and even more complicated gazes looking at her.

“Thats her!” The undead teenager poked his companion and raised his chin.

“F*ck, that small thing Is she even an adult yet”

“Are you stupid For resurrected undead, the age they were resurrected is how old they are going to look.

I reckon she was a little kid when she died.”

“That little kid is teaching us physical skills Isnt it said that physical skills are fighting without using death energy With her small arms and legs, can she fight I feel like I can break her wrist with one hand.”

All the students present could not accept the appearance of such a tiny mentor.

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