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A bow and arrow was an essential weapon for an archer.

No matter how gifted she was, she could not possibly shoot with precision if she did not have a weapon on hand.

However, the problem was she did not know where she could obtain a bow.

There were some bows and arrows in the Archer Divisions training grounds for daily practice, but there were people there who were appointed to look after them.

Furthermore, most of the bows had magical cores attached to them, and they were meant for the use of students who had not managed to get their own bows.

Usually, the students from the Archer Division would not use those bows and arrows.

Shen Yanxiao had wanted to steal a set of those, but Xiu led her to abandon that train of thought.

“The bow and arrow that an archer needs come with an exact requirement.

An archer can only display their full strength if they use a bow that suits them.” Xiu would advise her on her progress sometimes.

Alas, Shen Yanxiao could only abandon her original plan.

She would not be able to use the bows and arrows at the archery range.

The bows that belonged to the students were also marked.

Thus, it would lead to problems if she were to steal them.

So, where could she get a bow

Just as Shen Yanxiao was annoyed with her situation, Tang Nazhi brought her some great information.

There was a small city to the north of the Saint Laurent Academy, and it had a rather prosperous market.

It was where many students would purchase their necessities.

According to Tang Nazhi, other than weapons for various professions up for sale, there were also many playthings unique to the black market.

Fayersi City was a tiny city, and it had only about ten to twenty thousand people there.

However, it was a rather prosperous place, and one would see many peddlers as soon as one entered its gates.

Fayersi City was also known as the Black City.

There were no rules there, and as long as you had the money, you can purchase anything your heart desired.

Shen Yanxiao wore only plain clothing when she entered the Black City.

Even though it was near nightfall, the streets were jam-packed and bustled with activities.

Groups of three or squads of five surrounded various stalls, and some of them even wore the Saint Laurent Academys school uniform.

Many tall, strong, and expressionless men wandered around the cities, and most of them carried a weapon.

Their simple clothing made them look extremely capable and experienced.

They were mercenaries, and they were a distinguishing characteristic of the Black City.

There were many small and large scale mercenary groups in Black City, and they would get their assignments at the mercenary union.

They would acquire anything their employer wanted in exchange for payment.

Shen Yanxiao had a small physique, and so she was lost in a sea of people in the crowded streets that bustled with activities.

She wandered around and searched for her target.

Her lively eyes swept past the stalls, and she found many bizarre-looking items rather interesting.

Magical cores, demonic cores, precious medicinal ingredients, and tooth and horns from various strange beasts – those were only some of the items that one could find in the market.

The Black City deserved its name because there were things that you would never think of and nothing that you cannot buy.

As she strolled around the market, Shen Yanxiao saw many unusual items.

Soon enough, a simple and crude shop attracted her eyes.

The shop was namedFace.

It was an interesting name.

Shen Yanxiao stood outside the door and peeked inside.

It was not a large store, but it was piled with various wooden boxes.

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