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The students gathered in the plaza were directed toward an appraisal stone by the teachers from their various divisions so that they could be tested individually.

Qi Xia, Yan Yu, and Yang Xi had returned to their various groups, and Tang Nazhi and Shen Yanxiao joined the group that consisted of Herbalist Division first-year students.

On ordinary occasions, the herbalists would rarely have any contact with the appraisal stone because they were not trained in battle aura or magic.

The majority of the students were curious about the two or three-meter high gigantic stone in front of them.

“Walk over there and place both hands on the stone.” A teacher from the Herbalist Division pointed toward the Magic Stone behind him.

Since the test was to search for a warlock, they used the Magic Stone for the test.

Therefore, the Aura Stone that was used to test for battle aura did not appear.

The first student walked nervously toward the Magic Stone, and cautiously placed his hands on the stone.

The Magic Stone did not react to his touch.

The student did not know what to do, and so he looked at the teacher.

He thought that something had gone wrong.

“Next.” The teacher did not find anything that was amiss.

They were the Herbalist Division, not the Magus or the Priest Division.

Which herbalist could juggle another auxiliary profession What a joke.

Therefore, the majority of the herbalist students would not be able to incur any reaction from the Magic Stone.

That also meant that none of the first-year students had trained in any other professions like Magus or Priest.

Most of the herbalists did not possess any fighting capabilities.

They only had to concentrate on producing potions.

They would leave any fighting-related problems to those who came to them to buy their potions.

Since nothing out of the ordinary happened, the students from the Herbalist Division sped through the test.

In the blink of an eye, hundreds of students had passed the inspection, and nothing abnormal was detected.

Very soon, Tang Nazhi and Shen Yanxiao arrived at the front row.

As he looked at the Magic Stone, Tang Nazhi muttered, “Luckily, it isnt the Aura Stone.”

“What about the Aura Stone” Shen Yanxiao looked at Tang Nazhi, puzzled.

He immediately shook his head to indicate that there was nothing to his words.

Soon after that, he stood before the Magic Stone under the teachers urging and confidently placed his paws on the stone.

As expected, there was no reaction from the Magic Stone.

Tang Nazhi shrugged his shoulders and strutted as he walked to the side and waited for Shen Yanxiao.

Even though she looked calm and collected on the outside, her internal emotions were not as tranquil.

Xiu only mentioned to count on him, but she did not know what he intended to do.

If she were to place her hands on the Magic Stone, would that blow her identity

Shen Yanxiao attempted to communicate with Xiu for the last time, but regardless of how she called for him in her mind, he did not answer her.

‘Dont tell me that bastard is getting cold feet

‘You cant possibly turn back at this point!

“Student, please hurry up.” The teacher urged her with impatience when she noticed that Shen Yanxiao was dragging her feet.

Since it was impossible to stop halfway, Shen Yanxiao could only brace herself to walk up to the stone as she prayed that Lord Xiu would not disappear on her at that crucial time.

As she stood before the huge Magic Stone, Shen Yanxiao took a deep breath and lifted her hands to place them on the stone gently.

She felt an ice-cold sensation on her palms, and she could vaguely see a faint black light that spread from her palms.

Her heart thumped, and her eyes trembled.

However, at the very next second, the faint black glow rapidly disappeared between her fingers as it gradually dissipated on top of her palm.

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