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The curses on Mingye had been strengthened.

Then, Shen Yanxiao used an appearance-changing potion to disguise herself as Ye Dou.

This time, Vermilion Bird returned to Shen Yanxiaos body and left with her.

On the other side, Sal was about to go crazy.

He mobilized all the undeads and conducted a carpet search of the entire Hidden Dragon Continent, but he still could not find the whereabouts of Mingye.

Even Long Yan sent out dragons to conduct a search, but they found nothing.

Sal sat in the hall.

His originally gray complexion was even uglier at this moment.

“Weve searched everywhere, but we still havent found any traces of Prince Mingye.

Right now, theres only one possibility.

Prince Mingye has been captured by the dragons in the North.” Long Yan sat on one side and looked at the gloomy Sal.

The current situation was the result he was most satisfied with.

Although he did not know if Mingye had been captured by the dragons in the North, Sal had no choice but to go to war with the North.

“With our current strength, it will be difficult to fight against the North.

Since we cant find the whereabouts of Prince Mingye, the operation against the Dragon Cemetery should be carried out as soon as possible.

Only by resurrecting those bone dragons can we have the strength to attack the North and rescue Prince Mingye.” The attack on the North had been delayed by the disappearance of Mingye, and Long Yan was already somewhat impatient.

Sal frowned, but the group of royal relatives jumped out at this time.

“My Lord has given instructions beforehand that the dragons in the Dragon Cemetery must be personally resurrected by His Highness! Now that His Highness is not here, how can we act on our own accord!” The ones who were more anxious than Sal were the members of the royal family.

Their only support in the Hidden Dragon Continent was Mingye.

Once Mingye disappeared, their identities seemed awkward and Sal would not accept their opinions at all.

If the dragons in the Dragon Cemetery were resurrected now, the ultimate beneficiary would be Sal.

They were naturally unwilling to see this happen.

“Why are you still so stubborn at a time like this Are you really not worried about the safety of your Highness Let me tell you, the dragons in the North have a deep hatred for the undead.

If you continue to let Mingye stay in their hands, it is hard to say if you can safely rescue him at that time.” Long Yan sneered.

With Mingye missing, the supreme commander of the undead was Sal.

He only needed to persuade Sal and everything would fall into place.

“How dare you curse His Highness!” The group of royal relatives were furious.

“Enough!” Sal shouted, and the room immediately quieted down.

“I know your concerns, but the most important thing now is to save Prince Mingye.

I can promise that every high-level undead present has the right to resurrect two to three high-level dragons.

In this way, you will also have an explanation to our Lord.” Sal narrowed his eyes and looked at the group of royal relatives.

He knew better than anyone what they were thinking.

Sure enough, after Sal made this promise, the objections of the royal relatives immediately disappeared without a trace.

This was a great temptation for them.

According to the idea of the Lord of the Undead, all the dragons in the Dragon Cemetery would be resurrected by Mingye, leaving none for them.

Along the way, they tried their best to please Mingye, just to let him give them a few high-level dragons.

Now that Sal was so generous, how could they continue to argue

“General Sal is right.

Saving His Highness Mingye now is the key.” The group of royal relatives immediately changed their tone.

Anyway, if the Lord of the Undead pursued this matter, they could push the blame to Sal.

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