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Troublesome, it was so troublesome!

Shen Yanxiao inwardly cursed those group of brain dead idiots.

Tang Nazhi was right, only a few of the warlocks committed the crime, but they sentenced the entire community to the death penalty.

Their simple-mindedness angered her so much that it made her hair stood.

She did not understand who she had provoked when she took up black magic, and why did everyones expression change immediately the moment warlocks were mentioned

Other than to tease those unruly kids, the curses that Shen Yanxiao learned could not injure anyone else.

Even her fire bullets could inflict more damage than the Illusion Construct and Enervation.

Even so, regardless of how much Shen Yanxiao looked down on their IQ, she had no choice but to confront the oncoming crisis head-on.

The most direct method to test ones battle aura and magical power was to use the Aura Stone and the Magic Stone.

The person only needed to place their hands on the stone, and it would emit colors based on their battle aura and magical power.

One example was the swordsmen.

When a swordsman touched the Aura Stone, the stone would release a golden halo that represented the unadulterated battle aura.

As for the knights, the stone would release a silver luster that represented the sacred battle aura, and the archers would get the color red.

When a magus touched the Magical Stone, it would release a blue halo.

Same as the knights, a priest would release a silver halo, albeit one with a more gentle tone.

As for the warlocks…

The color was rumored to be black.

Since it involved a wide variety of colors, it was hard for Shen Yanxiao to attempt to bluff her way out of that.

The stone would not give her the chance to lie too.

However, she was curious.

She could cultivate in two paths, so she wondered which path would the stone identify her with – magical or battle aura

She was unsure about that, and she did not want to take the risk.

Just as Shen Yanxiao racked her brain for her next step of action, Xius voice suddenly echoed in her mind.

“Little girl, are you in trouble” Xius voice was still as cold as before, but it was like music to Shen Yanxiaos ears.

‘Oh Lord, youve finally appeared!

When they entered the Obscure Forest, Xiu no longer contacted her.

She thought that the honorable lord had gone somewhere to lie dormant.

She did not expect that he would appear again to shine so brightly at that crucial moment!

Out of everyone that she knew in that world, one could say that Shen Yanxiao trusted Xiu the most.

Xiu was the one who opened the door of light for her so that people no longer addressed her as trash, and she did not have to struggle at deaths door any longer.

“Hey, do you have any tricks up your sleeves” Shen Yanxiao asked softly when she determined that no one paid any attention to her.

“Why Are you afraid that they would discover your identity” Xius tone got slightly higher.

“What do you think! I dont wish to get kicked out of school before Im officially enrolled.

I havent even had the chance to fo to the Archer Division to steal their skill books, and if I were to be kicked out, where can I get them” Even though she was not that interested in the herbalism profession, the library collection of the Saint Laurent Academy was quite significant.

Just a single sheepskin notebook allowed her to benefit so much, and she had yet to plunder any good items from the Archer Division.

So how could she possibly return home so quickly


She did not think that she could leave the Saint Laurent Academy unscathed if Ouyang Huanyu were to discover her identity.

“Dont worry.” Xiu rarely comforted her.

However, Shen Yanxiao was not comforted in the slightest.

How could she not worry when those idiots with limited IQ had already regarded warlocks as great scourges

“Im here, and you can rest assured.” Despite his ice-cold voice, it contained a trace of power that eased Shen Yanxiaos heart.

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