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Shen Yanxiao bit her lips.

She was moved beyond words.

“Then, if the godhood is damaged, can it be repaired” Shen Yanxiao thought of Shen Siyu.

If the last temple could repair the injuries of the gods, could Shen Siyu enter the last temple to be repaired

“Damaged godhood It seems possible.” The Dragon God thought about it.

Only the real gods could open the passage to the God Realm.

In order to seal the entrance to the Devil Race, Shen Siyu consumed his godhood and became a demigod.

He could not open the passage to the God Realm, so he had stayed in the Brilliance Continent.

The Dragon God shook his head.

“I dont know much about this.

Youd better ask… ask Asura.” He was just an ordinary superior god who had never been restored in the last temple, while Xiu was the War God.

He should know more about this than him.

Shen Yanxiao looked at Xiu.

Xiu seemed to know her thoughts.

“The situation of the Light God wont take long.

But even if its not to repair my body, after the resurrection of the Dragon God, I still want to go to the last temple.” Xiu lightly said.

“What are you going to do” Shen Yanxiao asked.

“To get something.” Xiu was deep in thought.

“Wait! You mean the Light God That black-bellied and crafty guy is still here” The more the Dragon God listened, the more he felt something was wrong.

Wasnt that Light God the bastard who tricked him into fighting the War God back then

Shen Yanxiao turned her head silently and stared at the Dragon God with narrowed eyes.

“The black-bellied and crafty guy you mentioned is my brother!”

Suddenly, the Dragon God felt the savage eyes of a certain great master around Shen Yanxiao.

How did the Light God become the War Gods brother-in-law This did not make sense!

The Dragon God had been defeated by two superior gods in the God Realm.

One was the War God, and the other was the Light God.

Thinking back on his miserable life of being beaten by the War God for so many years, wasnt it all because of the deception of the Light God

He could not defeat the War God, but the Light God… The Dragon God silently looked at the savage eyes of a certain great master and instantly felt that he could never take revenge in this life.

“The Light God is… your brother” Shen Yu, who had finally accepted that he had a son-in-law of the War God, was shocked again.

He clearly remembered that he and Wen Ya only had one daughter, Shen Yanxiao.

What was with this Light God

“Cough, father, this is what happened…” Shen Yanxiao restrained her gaze and recounted the fact that Shen Siyu had saved her and protected her.

Shen Yu was frightened when he heard that.

If it were not for Shen Siyus timely rescue, his daughter would have died.

“In order to stop the attack of the Devil Race, Brother Siyu used his godhood to seal the passage of the underworld.

I think it would be best if he could recover his godhood.” She owed Shen Siyu too much.

Shen Siyu was not only her savior, but also her patron saint from childhood to adulthood.

Without Shen Siyu, before Shen Yanxiao reincarnated, she feared that this body would have already returned to the horizon and would not have waited for her to reincarnate.

“If there is a chance, I must thank the Light God.” Shen Yu was full of gratitude to Shen Siyu.

He did not know how to express his gratitude to a superior god for protecting his daughter like this.

However, looking at Shen Yanxiaos experience, it was simply a legend.

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