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The Dragon God heard the discussion between Shen Yu and Xiu.

He had the little golden dragon sit on his shoulder and come over.

“Its not difficult for the gods to be resurrected.

As long as they have their soul, they can go to the last temple to repair themselves.

However, the soul-destroying power of Satan was too terrifying.

Precisely because of this, almost all the superior gods killed by the Devil God had their souls scattered.” As a superior god, the Dragon God still knew about gods.

The words of the Dragon God made Shen Yanxiaos eyes light up.

“If you have a soul, you can go to the last temple to repair your body Then cant Xiu also…” Shen Yanxiao was excited!

How could she not be excited

The road to finding Xius body was extremely long, so it would be wonderful if he could directly resurrect with a body.

“Xiu, why didnt you mention this before” Shen Yanxiao looked up at Xiu.

It was impossible for Xiu not to know something that even the Dragon God knew.

“With the state of my soul, it is impossible to open the passage to the God Realm,” Xiu lightly said.

“What about if the Dragon God is resurrected, can he open the passage” Shen Yanxiaos eyes sparkled.

Xiu was in a soul state, so if the Dragon God was completely resurrected, could he also open the passage to the gods realm

In this way, even if Xius original body could not be found, he could still be resurrected!!!

“In theory, yes.” Xiu nodded.

“Dragon God! What do you need for your resurrection Well get it done at once!” Having found hope, Shen Yanxiao seemed to have been injected with chicken blood.

The thought of bringing Xiu back to life as soon as possible almost suffocated her.

The Dragon God looked at Xiu and then at Shen Yanxiao.

“Its not difficult for me to be resurrected.

I just need to find a few eight-winged golden dragons.

However, theres one thing that Asura might not have made clear to you.

If I were to be resurrected in the last temple, it would take at least a thousand years.

And this is when my soul is complete.

I dont think Asuras soul is in a complete state.

If he were to go directly to the last temple to resurrect, it would take at least a few thousand years, or much longer, it might even take tens of thousands of years.

Are you sure”

“Tens of thousands of years…” Shen Yanxiao was completely dumbstruck.

“It takes a long time for a god to be resurrected, which is why the ability for gods to breed the next generation is very poor.” The Dragon God shrugged his shoulders.

If they could be resurrected in minutes, then the God race would be simply invincible.

There was no need to fight to the death with Satan in the war between gods and devils.

After both sides suffered heavy losses, they could immediately rush to the last temple to repair themselves and become as vigorous and lively as before.

Unfortunately, things were not that perfect.

Shen Yanxiaos shoulders instantly collapsed.

She did not know how long it would take for Xiu to be resurrected in the last temple.

Not to mention tens of thousands of years, even if it were thousands of years, Shen Yanxiao did not know if she could live until then.

Although Xiu once said that he could let her live forever, no one knew if anything would happen in tens of thousands of years.

What was more, the invasion of the Devil race was just around the corner.

Whether she could survive that trial was still unknown.

“I will not resurrect in the last temple.” Xiu hugged Shen Yanxiao tightly.

He did not want her to be in danger alone.

Shen Yanxiao looked up at Xiu, her eyes full of surprise and shock.

He already knew how long it would take, so he never mentioned it

” After recovering my body, I can be resurrected in a short time.

The last temple… I never thought of it.” Tens of thousands of years of separation was something unimaginable for him.

He was also unwilling to leave.

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