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In the valley located in the northern region of the Hidden Dragon Continent.

Long Shi glared at the unknown creature that was wrapped up like a spring roll.

“What is this for” Shen Yu stood on one side and looked at Vermilion Bird who was in charge of delivering the goods.

It had been some time since Shen Yanxiao left the northern region.

Shen Yu and Wen Ya had been worried about her safety for the past few days.

Then, Vermilion Bird returned at night and did not bring Shen Yanxiao back.

Instead, he brought back such a strange bag.

Vermilion Bird curled his lips.

He was very unhappy about bringing an undead along with him.

He lit a flame on his fingertips and hurled it over.

The small flame burned the rope that tied the sheet and Vermilion Bird immediately kicked the “spring roll”.

The “spring roll” unfolded quickly.

A gray-skinned undead teenager rolled out in confusion.

His eyes were closed, as if he was still asleep.

“An undead” Shen Yu looked at the unconscious undead teenager in surprise.

“She asked me to bring it back for you,” Vermilion Bird said.

“Little Xiaoer wants us to interrogate him” Wen Ya looked at Vermilion Bird and asked.

Vermilion Bird shook his head.

“She asked you to keep an eye on this guy and not let other dragons discover him.”

Vermilion Birds words confused Shen Yu and Wen Ya.

Vermilion Bird took a deep breath and scratched his head.

“This guy is the undead prince.

He now has the appearance of an ordinary undead.

Long Yan reached an agreement with the undeads.

He would hand over the Dragon Cemetery to the undeads, and the undeads would help him attack the dragons in the North.

This guy was sent by the Undead race to resurrect the high-level dragons in the Dragon Cemetery.”

It was so annoying to be a messenger!

“The… undead prince” Long Shi was really frightened by Vermillion Birds words.

These words were very short, but the amount of information behind them was very huge!

“Long Yan has found the location of the Dragon Kings Decree, and it seems that he is about to obtain it.

Master went over to the location of the Dragon Kings Decree first to see if she could snatch it first.

She asked me to bring this fellow back and hand him over to you to take care of.

With the undead prince still here, the undeads should not be able to resurrect the skeletons in the Dragon Cemetery for the time being.” Although Vermilion Bird was very unwilling to be a messenger, the people in front of him were either Shen Yanxiaos parents or their savior.

He could only be patient and tell them what had happened.

“Little Xiaoer went to look for the Dragon Kings Decree Is it dangerous” When Wen Ya heard that her daughter was acting alone, she immediately became nervous.

“With Lord Xiu there, no one can touch her.” Even though Vermilion Bird was unwilling to admit it, he still had to acknowledge Xius strength.

He was why he dared to leave Shen Yanxiaos side.

It was because Shen Yanxiao had the most powerful soul in her body.

“Let me see if I can contact her.” Looking at Shen Yu and Wen Ya who still had a trace of worry between their brows, Vermilion Bird began to attempt to contact Shen Yanxiao through their spiritual link.

Yang Xi walked over with the sleeping little golden dragon in his arms and quietly waited for news about Shen Yanxiao.

A moment later, Vermilion Birds expression changed.

“Whats wrong” Seeing this, the others immediately became nervous.

Did something happen to Shen Yanxiao

Vermilion Birds expression was extremely stiff as he looked at everyone with his lips twitching.

“Master said… she has arrived at the northern valley and is now preparing to enter.”

What was going on He had set off a night earlier than Shen Yanxiao, but how did she rush back the moment he arrived What the hell was with her speed

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