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The seven seals belonging to the dragon blood in her body were completely awakened because of the Dragon God.

Although in Xius mind, the Dragon God was just a slag with only five percent of his fighting strength, for the dragons, the Dragon Gods dragon might was unique and powerful.

After Shen Yanxiao came into contact with the Dragon Kings Decree, the power that remained in the Dragon Kings Decree was transmitted to her alongside the awakening of the Dragon God, which prompted her dragon blood to completely awaken.

“So fast…” Shen Yanxiao looked up at the sky.

The speed at which her human and elf seals were undone was like a tortoise compared to the speed at which her dragon seals were undone.

“This is good.” Xiu lowered his head and kissed Shen Yanxiaos eyebrows.

The more seals in Shen Yanxiaos body were undone, the stronger she would become.

The Dragon God stared at Xiu and Shen Yanxiaos intimate actions in horror, wondering if he was seeing things.

Was this guy really an invincible iceberg that would never get tired of torturing him

How could Asura do such an intimate thing to a human He was already cold to the gods, let alone a puny human.

He must be seeing things.

No, he must still be in a coma.

That was why he was having such a crazy dream.

The Dragon God subconsciously pinched himself, and in an instant, the pain made him burst into tears.

“Then can I give Doudou my blood” Shen Yanxiaos eyes lit up.

If she could really become a dragon, wouldnt that mean she could transfer her blood to the little golden dragon

“You are not a pure dragon.

Transferring your blood to him will only bring him more unpredictable problems.”

Moreover, he would not allow Shen Yanxiao to do anything to harm herself.

“But didnt I absorb the power of the Dragon Kings Decree Doesnt that also mean it can already command the dragons” Shen Yanxiao felt as if she had seized something else.

Xiu rubbed her head and said, “Isnt there an eight-winged golden dragon outside”

The body of an eight-winged golden dragon Shen Yanxiao blinked her eyes.

Xiu was not referring to… the mortal body of the Dragon God, was he

“Are you talking about the Dragon God”

Shen Yanxiao silently shifted her gaze to the Dragon God who was still in shock.

She had just beaten him up, and now she was going to draw blood from his body.

Was that really okay

The other party was still a superior god, so Shen Yanxiao decided to have a good talk with the Dragon God.

“Dragon God, you thought the dragon might in my body was very strong before, right” Shen Yanxiao crouched beside the Dragon God and coaxed him with a smile.

The Dragon God looked at Shen Yanxiao and then at Xiu standing behind her.

When Xius eyes turned cold, the Dragon God immediately nodded.

“Strong!” Could Xiu not look at him with such a savage expression He would swear that he would never harm a single hair on this human ever again.

“The dragon might of my body is not mine, but I know the son of the owner of this dragon might.

He is talented, but he has encountered some trouble and needs the blood of an eight-winged golden dragon to replace his blood.

Are you willing to do it” Shen Yanxiao did not notice that a certain miserable superior god was being threatened by the eyes of the great master behind her.

“Yes! I am willing!!!” The Dragon God agreed to do it without thinking.

Stop joking.

Look at Asuras eyes.

If he dared to hesitate in the slightest, he would probably eat him alive.

No matter what the request was, he would agree to it.

He only hoped that he would not hit him again or else he was going to be beaten to death.

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