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Shen Yanxiao was speechless as she looked at the foodie who had gone missing and was now talking about food.

That was the Dragon God, not your rations!

“Oh.” Taotie pitifully bit his finger, his eyes full of regret.

“By the way, where did you go just now” Shen Yanxiao remembered Taoties “disappearance”.

“I didnt go anywhere.

I was crouching in your body, and then I saw a big black ball.

I was still thinking about how to eat it when Lord Xiu came.” Taoties tone was full of pity.

“Black ball” Shen Yanxiao was stunned.

“Its the sealed space the Dragon God created in your heart lake, which would isolate him from everyone except you,” Xiu explained.

Shen Yanxiao was suddenly enlightened.

So that was why her heart lake became so dark.

“Well, that… Is he okay” Shen Yanxiao threw the Dragon Gods threat to the back of her mind and looked at the miserable appearance of the Dragon God.

Could he really survive after being beaten up like that

“Hes very durable.” Xiu disagreed.

As his exclusive sandbag, he still had this bit of resistance.

“…” Shen Yanxiao was speechless.

The Dragon God returned to his normal form a moment later, but he no longer dared to be arrogant.

With Xiu here, he sat on the ground like an obedient child, motionless.

His golden eyes were full of haggardness after being bullied.

Looking at the current Dragon God and thinking about the former Dragon God, Shen Yanxiao felt satisfied.

As expected, her god was the most powerful!

For him, there was no difference between torturing a god and torturing a human.

“Isnt the Dragon God already dead Why is he still alive” With Xiu here, Shen Yanxiao could finally voice her inner doubts.

Xiu glanced at the Dragon God, and his strong body immediately trembled.

“I dont know.” The Dragon God shrunk his shoulders and whispered, “When I was killed by Satan, I also thought I was dead.

How could I know that my soul would be attracted by the Dragon Kings Decree and survive Because Satan has the power to destroy souls, my soul was severely damaged and could only stay in the Dragon Kings Decree.

If it werent for the dragon might in your body that caused me to wake up, I would still be sleeping.”

If he had known that he would see Asura, he would never have woken up!

“You dont know Didnt you create the Dragon Kings Decree”

The Dragon God honestly said, “I did it.

At that time, because I wanted to break away from my mortal body, I sealed my previous power in the Dragon Kings Decree.

I dont know why my soul floated back.”

Shen Yanxiaos impression of the Dragon God was completely overturned.

Could this fellow be any more stupid He did not even know what he had created, yet he managed to survive in such a muddle-headed manner.

She honestly did not know if he was lucky or foolish.

“Your mortal body is still here, and your soul doesnt seem to have any problems.

In that case… can you be resurrected” Shen Yanxiao smiled and asked.

The Dragon God looked silly, but he was not a bad person.

“Probably… but I need a powerful eight-winged golden dragon to help me,” the Dragon God said.

“Err… speaking of eight-winged golden dragons, what happened to me” Shen Yanxiao still could not digest the fact that she had suddenly become a dragon.

Even though she had become a human by Xius side, those golden claws had left a permanent shadow on her.

Xiu lowered his head and looked at the puzzled Shen Yanxiao.

“The power of the Dragon God completely awakened the dragon blood in your body.”

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