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The moment the Dragon God saw Xiu, he was stunned, and the ferocious expression on his face turned into shock.

Xiu looked at the little girl in his arms with obvious affection in his eyes.

When he looked up at the Dragon God, his cold eyes seemed to have torn the Dragon God into pieces in an instant.

“Asura… Asura…” The Dragon God, who was still aggressive a moment ago, suddenly stuttered at this moment.

“Are you bullying her” Xius golden eyes narrowed slightly, and his awe-inspiring killing intent filled the air.

The Dragon Gods face turned deathly pale in an instant.

“I… I didnt… No…” The Dragon God swallowed his saliva and tried to shrink his broad shoulders.

“I saw it,” Xiu coldly said.

“I didnt…” Now it was the Dragon God who wanted to cry.

As a superior god, how could the Dragon God not know the existence of the War God Asura

The fighting strength of the Dragon God among the superior gods was quite high.

It could be said that many superior gods were not his opponents.

However, there were two that he never wanted to meet again in his life.

One was the Lord God who gave him the status of a god.

The other was the War God who was like a ten-thousand-year-old iceberg…

Once upon a time, when the Dragon God had just ascended to the position of god and entered the world of the gods, the aggressiveness in the blood of the dragons made this newly appointed superior god constantly challenge other superior gods.

In each battle, the strength of the Dragon God proved his qualification to become a god.

The first time the Dragon God heard the name of Asura was when he asked for a battle with the Light God.

The superior god, who had a gentle smile on his face all day long, lightly said.

“You are very powerful, but the most powerful superior god of the God race is the War God Asura.

If you can defeat him, then no other superior god will be your opponent.”

As a result, the newborn calf was not afraid of the tiger.

Under the warm guidance of the Light God, the Dragon God ran to the palace of the War God with jolting buttocks and asked to fight the War God.

The request ended with the Dragon God standing outside the palace for an entire year.

Not to mention fighting, the Dragon God, who had been waiting for a year, did not even know what the War God Asura looked like.

It was not until later at a gathering of the gods that he saw the legendary Asura.

From that moment on, the Dragon God set Asura as his target and publicly requested to fight Asura.

Within three moves, the Dragon God was stepped on the floor by Asura.

It was no different from being killed in seconds!

One defeat did not make the Dragon God give up challenging the iceberg.

After that, he challenged Asura countless times through various gatherings and meetings.

Almost as soon as they met, they would fight.

But every time, the Dragon God could not last more than three moves against Asura.

The Dragon Gods proud heart had been twisted into dregs by Asura over thousands of years.

In the end, he had given up his persistence.

However, Asura seemed to be accustomed to this routine.

Every time he saw him, be it if he had a flattering smile or that of a snake or scorpion, he would be beaten up by Asura and thrown into a corner like a corpse.

It could be said that the first reaction the Dragon God had when he saw Asura was his body aching terribly.

The memories of the past had left a huge shadow in the Dragon Gods heart.

Even if Asura did not do anything, he felt as if he had been beaten up, and all his bones aching.

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